Thursday, November 11, 2010

Keeping Me Busy

Even though I am retired, I  still feel like I am always behind on the the things I want to do. There's always a UFO (unfinished object) I should be working on. And, a new project I'd like to start. Roll, Roll Cotton Boll Mystery Quilt by my favorite quilt designer, Bonnie Hunter ( is one of those projects. Don't know when I could ever get started on this. I love the way Bonnie designs quilts so that you can use up your fabric stashes. That gives me an excuse to buy more fabric.

The cake at my retirement party.

One of the resons I feel I am behind is because I had to unexpectly drive the 200 mile trip down to my mother's city. She has an apartment at a lovely assisted living facility. Unfortunately, she fell and hit her head last Friday and had to go to the hospital. My baby sis stayed with her at the hospital the first two nights and I stayed the next two. Then, when she was discharged, I spent a night at the assisted living facility to make sure she was o.k. It was mentioned to someone at the hospital that I had recently retired. When they asked if I was enjoying retirement, Mother said, "Oh, I keep her busy." I've made at least 4 trips down there in the 2 months since I retired, mostly to help down-size her things so we can get her house sold. Guess I just need to make sure I always have a project that I can easily carry with me.

Mother was totally checked out and is in great shape for 87 years old. But, I can tell she really wishes she could still sew and crochet and cook. This makes me even more determined to accomplish some of the things I have been planning for so long. You just never know when you might no longer be able to do it.

In addition to the projects, some friends and I began a book club. We call ourselves The Book Bags. It's a very small group right now and we are all in our sixties. I have to have this month's selection read by next Thursday. I picked it up from the library on my way back from my trip yesterday afternoon. It is a sci-fi novel called Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein, published first in 1961. Certainly not my usual genre.  Guess I'd better start reading!


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