Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random Week

I have had a busy and productive week. This week was my lunch with the Book Bags. That is my bookclub girls. I always have fun when I meet with them. This time the person who chose the book had read it when she was a teen (only about 45 years ago. Hee!). She thought it so profound back then. She really didn't like it so much this go round. I just hated it from beginning to end. Oh, well. It was still fun to meet with my club and an activity I look forward to.

Yesterday I had so many things to do. But, did I do them? No. I somehow ended up organizing my quilting fabrics. I got all the like colors pretty much together. It had been years since I had done much with fabrics. I just had put everything off until retirement. About 3/4 of the way thru organizing,  I sat to rest and found an awesome demonstration of how to fold those fabrics to a uniform size using my wide quilt ruler. Wow! 

 The rest of the week I have worked hard on a UFO. It was a Christmas gift for one of my sisters.  I had started it  before Christmas last year. Then, I thought, "O.K., I do it for her birthday." Needless to say, that didn't happen either. LOL Anyway, I have been working steadily on it for the last 2 weeks. I was determined to finish it before the week was out and I DID! This afternnon I took it to the framer. It will be ready in 2 weeks...plenty of time for a Christmas gift. It turned out great! Plus, I have one less UFO to be staring me in the face. Yeah!!! Wish I could show it here, but don't want to spoil the surprise. How do other bloggers show their gift projects and keep it a secret fom the receipient? Hmmmm.


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