Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snow Birds

When we have the rare snow accumulation (2"-3") here in Middle Tennessee, everything stops! This past Sunday afternoon was typical. A few inches of snow wrecked havoc on our roads. When it started getting bad I was at Joann's Fabrics buying 1/2 priced fat quarters and a beautiful piece of white Egyptian cotton with a 50% off coupon. What a deal!

But, I was bored Sunday evening and it was obvious that I probably was not going to get my gifts sent to my daughter on Monday. So, I dug out a set of king-sized pillowcases that were pre-stamped in a simple hummingbird design by Jack Dempsey Neddle Arts. The embroidery went very quickly. I just love hummingbirds.

I also worked on some ornaments that I intend to give The Book Bag ladies of my book club. This month I chose the book for us to read. I chose "A Redbird Christmas" by Fannie Flagg. I had already decided a couple months before to make these really cute ornaments from tiny flowerpots. I found the directions on FaveCrafts . I bought some tiny birds but they were not red. After I had read the book I actually found these little redbirds at Michaels. I don't know what made me check again at Michael's because they did not have these redbirds available a when I looked before. Perfect!

I had bought the makings for this craft a little at a time and stored in a plastic shoebox until I had them all together. A few items are missing from this photo. Last minute I realized I had not bought the red glitter for the edges. But, I just happened to have a 50% off coupon for Michael's. Yay!!!

Here is the finished product. The silver ribbon looks lavender in this photo, but shows true to color in the first photo. The directions called for painting the inside of the flowerpots, but I like them better without it, especially with the floral moss for the nest. I got the package of moss at The Dollar Tree for a dollar. Really like the red glitter (Martha Stewart fine glitter) around the rims. I also picked up some very small gift bags at The Dollar Tree to put them in. Book club meets tomorrow at a members condo. We are decorating her tree, too. So, I can't wait to give these.


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