Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Southern Belle Pillowcases

Last year my daughter requested that I embroider her a set of southern belle type pillowcases where the case ruffle is the bottom of her skirt. I reminded DD that she has a king size bed with king size pillows. She said, "I'll make it work." I think it would look pretty to have a set of these standard size pillows in front of the king size ones. I ordered the pre-stamped pillowcases right away and put them aside. With working full time and then a fall that resulted in a torn rotator cuff, I never got started on them. Then, the surgical repair of the rotator cuff and subsequent recovery put me further behind. As soon as I retired 3 months ago (6 months post surgery) I pulled them out and started the embroidery.

But, then I saw the cute "Socks and Underwear" cross stitch for my friend and got side-tracked. I'll bet most of you crafter/needleworkers can relate to that. LOL Then, I finished up a UFO I had started last year for one of my sisters. It is now at the framers. So, back to the pillowcases. I am now working on the second one.

Years ago, when my 2 younger sisters were teenagers, I found pattern for a set of these type pillowcases in a needlework magazine. The girl was embroidered and I think she had a parasol. The skirts were machine appliqued in a small gingham check and the ruffle was of matching gingham checks. Somewhere over the years I lost the magazine. But, they were cute.

Here is a photo of the first pillowcase. It has a LOT of french knots. But, it really is pretty. Just this week on Facebook, my DD informed me she would still like a set of these pillowcases. I said, "Sorry, I'm already in the middle of making a gift for you." Yeah, I'm sneaky like that!


Dana H. said...

DD is so thrilled to have a set of these! I've wanted a set of these since you made the originals for your sisters. They did indeed have parasols and one set had yellow skirts. Thank you mom. I absolutely love my Christmas gifts. Homemade gifts from the heart are the best!

Prima Donna said...

Thank you. So, glad you liked them. Plus, this is the first comment I have gotten on my blog. Love you.

Bits of Stitching! said...

Lovely embroidery and very cute pillowcase design!

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