Friday, October 29, 2010

Renewing My Dreams

For years I have dreamed of retiring and having time to enjoy my hobbies. I use the term "hobbies" loosely. I suspect that for many years my hobby has been buying the supplies for my hobbies and not actually "doing" them. Part of this was due to lack of time. Partly it was because I have no space for a hobby room and most of it was procrastination by computer. But, that needs to change and I thought a blog would make me have some accountability. I guess we will see.

The quilt shown above was a joint effort by me and my mother. About 30 years ago I bought the quilt top and,  I must admit, some cheap embroidery floss to do the roses in pink. For some reason I didn't like it and didn't get very far on the embroidery. About 10 years ago my mother told me to bring it to her with new floss. She took out all the old floss and re-embroidered the entire thing. I've worked on the hand-quilting off and on since then. It is almost finished. I am determined to finish it this winter.

Saw blade painted by my mother.
I have sooo many interests. I love all types of handwork. My Mother was so gifted at sewing, crochet, embroidery, knitting, name it. I think she tried every new craft that came along.I could never be as talented as she, but I do enjoy trying. I don't knit and she never did counted cross stitch, but she taught me a lot. Now I am a quilter wannabe. My mother taught her daughters to sew, crochet, and embroider. Mother's eye-sight is not good now and her hands stay cold and hurt. I know she misses sewing.

Scrap quilt made for me by my mother in 1980. (Machine pieced and hand quilted.)

My daddy was an avid woodworker for years. I think he made about 6 cedar chest and loads of other items, both large and small.  So, maybe it is in the genes. He got me interested in family history, too. Come along on my new adventures into retirement. Let's have some FUN!