Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Giving Back to Our Heroes

I am very proud of my daughter. She always manages to find ways to pay it forward. I am taking a cue from her and joined the Soldier's Angels group online. Following in my DD's footsteps I have adopted a soldier. I write to him weekly and send a care package monthly. I think that William is in Afghanistan. His address sort of indicates that.

I am also going to make pillowcases for wounded soldiers. I just received some wonderful patriotic fabric by UPS. The fabric is 100% cotton by Marcus Brothers from the American Valor quilt series. There is enough for 5 pillowcases which is the minimum to send each time. I especially love that the words "Thank you" are printed on both the case fabric and the cuff fabric. I'll include photos when they are made. Thinking of putting on a narrow, red contrasting band, too.

I also found some wonderful Hallmark cards in their "Hero" line that only cost $1.99 each. I don't know if they always have these or just because it is soon to be Independence Day. I bought 5 of them because sometimes I might not be able to think of something to write about. The soldiers are so busy that you rarely get a response. But, they do appreciate everything that is done for them. I feel fortunate that I don't personally know anyone in the services right now. But, I pray for the safety of all our military.


DHess33 said...

Careful mom! Adopting Soldiers is SOOO addicting! Just feels like there are always tons of different ways to do things for them.

I love you!

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