Sunday, July 3, 2011

Disappearing Act

No, I haven't abandoned my blog already! LOL I have been wanting to try making a Disappearing Nine Patch quilt for a while now. So, in my usual fashion, I researched the quilt online. I made notes along the way. I can not find the blog that was most helpful. Sorry. But, the quilt was a black and white print with a bright colored accent. That accent color is what got my attention. She used the accent color as the center block. I think it was red. After the 9 patch was cut, the accent color made a distinct patten to an otherwise random design.

When I first began to buy layer cake fabric collections, it seems they all had browns, tans, and blues. So, I figured I'd just put them all together in one quilt. The 3 layer cakes I had were Moda "Alliance" , Moda "A Morris Tapestry", and Moda Sweetwater "Pure". I pulled the layer cake fabrics with these 3 colors and cut them into fourths. I left some fabrics out because they had red or a design that would not work well. I then had a stack of 5" squares. Next I cut some dark brown fabic from my stash into 5" squares. This is my accent fabric. Here is the way I made my 9 patch squares look.

Clickon photo for a larger view.
I thought I took a photo of this square before I cut it, but now I can't find it. But, imagine for a moment that the block has not yet been cut. For each one, the center square is of the chocolate brown. Then, I cut the block through the center in both directions as pictured above. I turned the top left block and the bottom right block so that the brown square is on the outside corners.. I left the other 2 blocks in place.
Click on photo for a larger view.
Can you see how the little brown squares form a design? Plus, I realized that if you want an even more random design you could mix up all the resulting smaller squares. But, mostly I just stuck with the one set. Tip: Once the squares are cut, I place the first 2 squares together and put a single pin on the side I am going to stitch. Then the same for the other pair of squares. Makes things quicker when I get to the machine.

I haven't squared the blocks up yet, but laid a few out to see how it was going to look. I believe that lots of contrasting fabrics and an accent center square make for a beautiful result.
Click on photo for a larger view.


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