Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Hope everyone has been enjoying their Indepedence Day week-end. We in America have so much to celebrate. We really do live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. And, speaking of the brave, I have begun to make the pillowcases for the wound soldiers. I am on the sewing team of Soldier's Angels.  I had already ordered some fabric from Then, on Friday I went to Joann's and bought loads of patriotic fabric at 50% off. I also bought spools of thread for 50% off. I admit I got a little carried away. LOL

I have seen many tutorials for making a pillowcase. They were very confusing and difficult to understand. I thought,"Gee whiz, why are they making this so difficult?" But, then, I saw a tutorial on Finally, something clicked and this turned out to be so easy. Wow! Once I made the first one, the next one was easy-peasy. Here are two of the pillowcases.

Click to enlarge photo.

I really love the blue cuff. This photo is a little dark, but you can see what it says. Isn't it great?
 Click for a close-up.
Here is the second one. I need to make at least 5 to send to the troops. Should only a take a couple hours to finish up.

BTW, I have "adopted" two soldiers now. Guess I better get to packing those care packages.


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