Thursday, July 14, 2011

This Week's Lesson

I really like to learn something new everyday. But, this week I have learned a BIG lesson. Always have a project with me" just in case". I came down to Memphis to visit my Mom and my sister on Monday and take care of some business re: Mom's care. Since I only planned to stay overnight, I didn't bring a project or my Kindle with me.  Mom was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital on Tuesday. I have been at the hospital day and night ever since. Now, it's Thursday and I'm still here. I keep thinking of all the projects I have back home that I could have been working on. I have quilt projects, embroidery projects, cross stitch projects, etc. But did I bring any with me? Why, NO!!! I don't think I will ever leave the house again without my Kindle or a project. I may even kit up a few new ones. Haven't really wanted to read much. I do have my laptop with me. But, all I can think about is those sewing projects I could have made progress on.  Lesson learned!

Thank goodness, Mom is doing much better now.

OK, so back to my new addiction...playing Angry Birds on my smartphone. LOL


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