Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Label Quilts-check!

Today I finally washed the Damask Rose quilt. I just love the look of quilts after they have been laundered. It is kind of like the look along the seams of well laundered jeans. You just can not get that look any other way. 

Then, I actually labeled it and the Briar Rose (yellow rose) quilt. I have made a promise to myself to always do that. The quilt is not really finished if it's not labeled. And, as a family history buff, I know how important this information can be later on. There are several ways to create a quilt label. One is described in this tutorial at Crazy Mom Quilts blog. That is pretty much how I labeled the Damask Rose quilt. I do wish I had gotten a finer point Micron pen. The label looks lop-sided in the photo, but it isn't.
For the Briar Rose embroidered quilt, I used a pre-printed fabric label. It came from a quilt label panel I bought years ago. Here are photos of a portion of the panel and the selvage. These are designed by Kaye England.
Selvage of the panel.
The label I chose is large and is the same dark green as some of the leaves embroidered on the top of the quilt. There a lot of information to put on this label. I cut out the label from the panel and squared it up. Then, I ironed it to freezer paper for stability. After I wrote on the label, I removed the paper and hand-stitched to the back of the quilt. Because the label was so large, I also took tiny stitches around the edge of the green design, as well. 


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