Thursday, March 15, 2012

Re-purposed Basket

My DH hates to throw anything away. The bigger problem is that he also hates to see anyone else throw anything away.  Recently, he was helping an elderly neighbor to move. He brought home a basket. The basket itself was in good shape but, the liner was soiled and dry-rotted. I pulled out the old liner and washed the basket. Here is the old liner pictured below. It was easy to remove it because it was so worn out.
I looked through my stash of fabrics and chose a beautiful floral fabric. I measured the old lining width and added enough for the ruffle. I measured the circumference of the basket and cut one and a half times as long. I folded over the top for a couple inches for the ruffle and ran 2 rows of gathering stitches about an 1 1/2 inches down. I ran a single gathering row along the lower edge. I gathered the top and bottom to fit the basket and tied off my threads.  I had pulled out the old bottom liner and re-padded and covered. I stapled the fabric underneath the bottom piece. I hot glued the ruffled edge to just inside the top edge of the basket. Then, I pulled the lower edges into place and glued down the bottom piece to hold it in place. Here is the end result. It was a very quick and satisfying project. I love the end result.
 Doesn't this make a lovely sewing basket for my hand-sewing projects? Keeps everything at my finger-tips.


Carrie P. said...

Oh, you are so smart. Turn out great!

Anonymous said...

Just read your comment on A Little Bit Biased -- Funny, I made my prom dress in 1963 also, then my wedding dress in 1965 -- lol. You did a wonderful makeover on your basket -- and I absolutely love your quilt! Glad I found you! Florence

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