Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Special Label

As a family history buff, I believe every quilt should have some sort of label. A while back I came across a unique quilt label tutorial by Shelley Rodgers. You can find it here. When I finished the Crayon Box quilt I knew this was the label to use. It is a fabric envelope that opens to reveal a lot of information. I chose to use the backing fabric for the outside of the envelope. That way it doesn't really show up until it is opened.

You can make a buuton hole and sew on a button or use a snap. I used a snap, but put on a button too. Got the look without the buttonhole. Look at all the info this label holds. As usual, I stitched the binding over part of the label to help better secure it to the quilt. I love this special label!


Teresa in Music City said...

Perfect idea! It looks even more amazing up close :*)

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