Sunday, May 20, 2012

Crayon Box is finished!

The day after I returned home from Cincinnati, I got a call from Chelli that the quilting was done. I was so excited and picked it up a couple hours later. I love the thread and the pattern we chose for the quilting. It just worked perfectly for this quilt. The quilt designer (Bonnie K. Hunter) used a purple binding and that was my original plan. But, after it was quilted, Chelli and I agreed that a black binding would be better. I have been working hard to get it finished. This afternoon the deed was done! It even has a special label that I'll show later.

I snapped a few teaser photos. Love the variegated thread going across the black inner border. I will get a photo of the whole quilt and post later. The border is a bright lime green, but does not show well in the photos.


Vivi Lee said...

What lovely colors! I am the only person in my family who does needlework. So I am usually making embroidered pillowcases for everyone! LOL.
Your work is lovely. I really liked the Southern Belle pillowcases you did for your daughter.

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