Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's A Small World After All...

Funny how things work with the quilt blog community. I recently saw a reply post on a blog about Singer featherweights and the problems with odors in the carrying cases. So, I sent her this emal.
"Hi, Teresa,
I read a comment from you on another blog. You said: "This has been my
"go to" machine for all sewing away from home...". I bought a
featherweight a few years ago on ebay for $300. I had it serviced
about 6 months ago, but haven't used it yet. The case does smell.
Since you no longer use your case, I wondered how you transport it?"

Not only did she respond, turns out that we both live in the Nashville area. She told me she was a member of Music City Quilt Guild. I had been following the newsletters for this guild for a while and had wanted to attend a meeting. Teresa not only invited me to today's meeting, she was there to greet me and saved me a seat. She graciously introduced me to other members. This is a wonderful, friendly group. I felt very welcome and joined on the spot. 

Years ago I attended a meeting at another quilt guild. I felt that I would never fit in and I doubted they cared if I ever came back. I didn't ever go back either. But, the MCQG is so different. I felt right at home. Plus, I met Teresa, whose blog I follow at A Quilt and A Prayer.  I also met Melissa, whose blog I had lurked around for about a year and now have been an official follower for about a year. She quilts, crochets, knits, cross stitches, etc. Her blog is Doodle-head Stitches.

There is a lady in the guild (didn't catch her name) who makes these really cute fabric pins for the visitors. It is made of a black and white music print fabric. It was the perfect accessory for my new bag.

And, as if this were not enough, today's guest speaker at MCQG was quilt designer Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts. She had a trunk show of over 80 of her beautiful quilts. Many of the fabrics were designed by Edyta for Moda. The program title was "Reasons to Quilt". Edyta was such a warm, down to earth person. Awesome, inspiring program!


Teresa in Music City said...

I'm SO glad you enjoyed your visit to MCQG and we all loved meeting you! It really does help to have a friend when you go to a new place filled with new faces. We're going to get you connected to some fun quilting activities here very, very soon :*) Sylvia Ballard is the lady who makes the pins - she's a marvel with things like that!

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