Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fun Stuff

When I gave my granddaughter her quilt, she loved the fabric I used in the center backing. I love it, too. I got it at JoAnn's and it was as pricey as fabric from my LQS. It feels wonderful. So, I decided to make her a set of pillowcases to match her quilt. I made the cuffs a little narrower than I would have liked because that was all the lime green I had except for one 2.5 inch strip. I  used the "hotdog" method because it is so easy and looks so finished. There is a great tutorial at I love them!
As I was sewing I felt that my needle had a tiny burr. I cleaned all the fuzz out of my sewing machine and put in a new needle. I've been cleaning out my machine more frequently lately. Then, I decided to clean other areas of my sewing table. My favorite pincushion is one that my ex-daughter-in-law (still my friend) bought me years ago at a crafts fair. It is made in a cappuccino cup and saucer with a real silver spoon attached to the saucer. The pincushion part was looking dirty. I removed all the pins and the pearls surrounding it. I wish I had gotten "before" photos. The spoon was very tarnished. I had just bought a beautiful brown print fat quarter for another project. I thought it could simulate coffee. I covered the pin area and re-glued the pearls into place. I got out the silver polish and cleaned up the spoon. Then, I re-glued the flower that had come off long ago. It really looks cute, don't you think?
Another item in my sewing room that makes me happy is a sewing box that my son and family gave me.
Luckily all that it required was dusting. This is a good view of the lid.  My grandchildren call me "Grammy". I understand that the first one they ordered said "granny" and they re-ordered it to say "Grammy". What's in your sewing room that makes your space personal and makes you happy?


Teresa in Music City said...

Those are really cute pillowcases Donna! They will look marvelous with the quilt! And your teacup pincushion is just darling - no wonder you love it!!! When you have time, you can come to my house and spiffy up some of my things that need attention too :*)

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