Saturday, September 22, 2012

Quilt History

Last week I went to a Fall festival and while there I signed up to have a quilt evaluated for age and care. The event was free and held today. We have a quilt that we found in my mother-in-law's things after she passed away about 12 years ago. We have no idea if she made it or if it was made by another family member or if it was given to her. The pattern is A Trip Around World. 

As I suspected, the fabrics are from the 1920's and 1930's. The backing is made of ticking that may have been used on a mattress. There are some stains on the backing and a small patch. The front looks good. It is not nearly as worn or stained as some of the other quilts that were brought in.  Here are some of the fabric squares in the quilt. 
The backing, while all the same fabric, is pieced together. The hand-quilting is not excellent, but just straight lines from top to bottom. I'm pretty sure it was hand-pieced, too. 
For years I have just hung this quilt on a quilt rack (made by my Dad) and refolded ever so often to prevent more wear. I do need to repair a few seams. Most of the frayed seams are on squares that look like striped overall material. It will be fairly easy to repair since they are just on the seam line. 
I was really tickled when I realized that my Dresden plate quilt that I am working on has the same pink and lavender checked fabrics. Of course, mine are reproductions. I do wish I had seen this quilt before my M-I-L died and gotten more history. But, I do love it. If there are old quilts in your family, please, try to get some of it's history before it is too late.

I will be labeling this quilt with as much information as I can come up with. It is an awesome find.


Carrie P. said...

Oh, what a treasure you have. thanks for sharing it with us.

Teresa in Music City said...

Beautiful!!! What a lucky girl you are! I have no quilts from my grandmother except a small utility quilt she made for my mother's puppy. I treasure it although it is pretty ugly and worn out. One day I will do a blog post on it, because it was the catalyst for my quilting adventure :*)

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