Monday, October 1, 2012

October Already?

Where did the month of September go? I can not believe it is October already! It is raining and gloomy here in Middle Tennessee. The hummingbirds have gone or maybe they were run off by the honey bees. Our hummingbird feeders occasionally have a wasp or two. But, for the last 2 weeks the honey bees have taken over. We have had the feeders every summer, for years. This is the first time the bees have come in such great numbers. This photo is a small sampling. Some days both feeders were nearly covered.
Have you ever worked on a quilt you loved while piecing and then just wanted to stop? I have been working on the Dresden Plate quilt. I loved the cutting and the piecing. But, I truly hate stitching these to the background. I tried different approaches. I am now just doing a straight stitch near the edges. But, all the stopping and turning is driving me crazy! I think I am going to just have to set a goal of stitching one or two a day and that is all until they are finished.

I decided I needed a second quilt project to work on in between the DP. I began to cut fabrics from my stash on Saturday. These are 2.5 inch strips. I love working with these. This is for a throw-sized quilt I'm making for myself. I am not ready to reveal what I'll be working on yet. But, here are some of the fabrics. I need to cut a few more strips and the background fabrics. I know I have the perfect fabric for the background, but where did I put it? 


Teresa in Music City said...

We had a lot of wasps at our feeder but I haven't seen any bees. We do still have a few hummers, but only a few and I expect them to be gone soon. Ah, just one more sign that the warm weather is gone and the cold stuff starts too soon for me!

I have definitely reached that point on many of my projects! That's why I have several going at one time. I always have to put one down for a while, rest it, and work on something else. Then after a while I can go back to it and enjoy it again.

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