Sunday, October 21, 2012

Simplifying My Life

Lately I've been giving a lot of thought to simplifying my life. Of course I've tried to do this before. Usually I would start with trying to declutter my home. But, my husband is a pack rat, bordering on being a hoarder. (He disagrees with that assessment. LOL). This often makes decluttering an unpleasant task. Plus, I have lived in this house since we married 21 years ago. He has lived here twice as long. It's an old house with little storage. I do what I can.

I have come to the conclusion that the best approach for me right now is to declutter my mind. How?

Smartphone. I'm starting with my smartphone. Do I really need to see my email or the internet or Facebook no matter where I am? Just a couple years ago I didn't realize that was a necessity. Now it is always at the ready. I do like the convenience of the cell phone.

And, why do I feel that I can't just print out a coupon for Michael's or Joann's? Not long ago I drove 15 miles to Joann's to use an awesome 60% off coupon on my smartphone. I had accidentally left my cellphone on my desk so, no coupon. If I had printed it out and put it in my purse as I do other coupons I would not have had to drive home and back to Joann's again. Like my friends and many family members, I am going to downgrade to a basic phone. No bells or whistles. However, Verizon is charging me $30 for the "upgrade" fee.

Facebook. I wish I could just give that up, but I do love the photos of grandkids and trips. It's the best way to keep up with family now. If a lot of family and friends need to know some info, you only have to make one post and everyone knows. What I do not like is that some people push their political or religious agendas. Some ideas are better discussed face to face. I feel that Facebook should be fun and bring people together, not make people feel bad. I may weed out a few "friends" who more like just "acquaintances". I am certainly going to limit my access to Facebook.

Internet. Luckily, I have not become an addict of Pinterest. I do stay on the internet waaay too much. I am going to try to find a way to limit my screen time. We will see how that goes. I've been addicted to the internet for 20 years, so this could take a while. Hee!

Blogs. First of all, I "follow" too many blogs. Many blogs I follow because it was a requirement to try and win a give-away. I never won anything, though. I am going to pare down the list of blogs I follow. Some blogs I do really enjoy!

My own blog. I considered giving up this blog. I find myself pushing to find something to blog about. I feel bad when I don't have a new project to showcase. I need to stop stressing over it. For now, I will try to post something at least once a month. It may not be a project. It may just be something random. If I am still stressing in a few months, I will just let this blog go. It should be fun and not a chore. 

I will continue those activities that I enjoy. I am so inspired after my monthly quilt guild meeting. And, I love, love my book club. There are only 3 of us in the group, but we have met each month for 2 years. I would not miss that...and I never have.

How do you simplify your life?


Teresa in Music City said...

Oh yes I understand! I've been feeling a real need to begin simplifying a bit too. I started by cleaning out my sewing area and getting rid of things that no longer work for me - fabric, kits, tools, etc. Then I started on my books. I have so many books! I've started pulling them out too and hope to get that number down. We cleaned out the attic last week - it felt wonderful!!! But there is still too much and I know it.

I LOVE my iPhone, so there's no way I'm giving that up! But I have begun to cut down on my time on the computer reading blogs. I like Pinterest, but it has never been a time-waster for me really. I don't spend enough time there for it to be a problem. Reading blogs is another matter... I can waste an entire morning just reading blogs! So I have also cut down my list and I have only a few favorites that I visit every day, others as I have time. As for blogging, I enjoy it, but I struggle to not feel as if I "owe" time to it. If I can't blog for a few days or a week, I try to not let that make me feel guilty. It's hard. I understand how you feel about it. I hope you will continue to blog even if only now and again.

I'm so glad you joined the Guild. Hopefully next year when I am no longer on the Hospitality committee we can spend more time together :*)

Anonymous said...

This note to Donna and Teresa both - Please don't stop blogging. I enjoy reading both of your blogs -- I have spent very little time with you all but find you both very interesting. I started a blog recently and discovered I don't have much to say - go figure - me who never shuts up! Hope you both hang in!
the other Teresa in MC

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