Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hugs and Kisses

This month I have been very busy. I drove down to west Tennessee to visit with my mother and have a Thanksgiving lunch with her at her assisted living facility. I think she really enjoyed my sister Karen and me eating with her. Mother didn't recognize me when I first arrived, but soon realized who I was. I know the day will come when she no longer knows who we are and that will be a sad time for us all. Momma smiles all the time...except, of course, for when we were trying to take this photo. That's Karen on the left and me on the right.

Then, I came home and cooked Thanksgiving dinner for my hubby, son, and myself. This was the first time we were home for Thanksgiving in several years. I enjoyed cooking all our family favorites. We had chicken instead of turkey, which was fine with all of us.

I have done a lot of sewing, too. I made a tee shirt pillow for my step-daughter. It was a super bowl tee that belonged to her late husband. It had special memories for her. I loved how it turned out and then forgot to take a photo. Maybe later.

The bigger project is the Hugs and Kisses quilt I'm making for my first great-grandchild. She is due to arrive in January. These blocks have been so easy to piece. I like how they turned out. But, I must say, after using the 1930's reproduction prints for 2 quilts in a row, I've tired of them. I may save the floral and geometric prints and give away the "kiddy" prints.

I was not at all sure about the size of this quilt. It's about 50" square. But, I decided to just go ahead with it. I am leaving off the border. I found a pretty pink printed fabric for the backing. I am debating whether to bind the quilt with some lavender 1930's print or use the same pink as the backing. what do you think?

Here is the top spread out on a bed. See the row in the top left corner. That's actually the bottom. I thought the bottom row was too bland. So, today I took out the yellow print in the center of that row and replaced it with the square pictured below. I like it much better. All the other rows had a mix of pastels and vibrant colors. Now, this row "pops", too.

This afternoon I have put the sandwich together and it is waiting to be pin basted. I hope to have this quilt finished before next week. Lots of other projects waiting!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I Won! I Won!

There is always some type give away going on in the quilting blog world. I have tried 100's of times to win in the past year. But, this week I got very lucky indeed! I won a copy of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, vol 6 magazine. It goes on sale this Tuesday. Last Monday I was checking out the blogs of quilters who had blocks featured in the magazine. Sonja at Artisania asked for us to tell her a joke or funny story to enter. Mine was chosen! You can check it out here. And, I didn't realize until today that I had won. I can't wait to get my hands on my copy! This is the cover.
Last month I was very unmotivated. But, after my Music City Quilt Guild meeting this past week, I could feel my creative juices coming back. We always have so many gorgeous quilts displayed. This time members brought in quilts that were designed by Bonnie K. Hunter. She will be teaching classes at my guild next April. Hope I can get in one of those classes.

I spent the last couple of days kitting up some quilts. One is Spools by Camille Roskelley of Thimble Blossoms. I have seen lots of spool quilts, but really love this one that looks like a child (or I) stacked them. I am using scraps from my stash for the spools of thread. The one I cut out is a 50"x63" throw size. Here is a photo of it from Camille's website. Don't you love it!
By the time I finished cutting out the 140-1 1/4" squares of white background fabric, I decided I wasn't ready to tackle that quilt just yet. So, then, I cut out a baby quilt that should go pretty quickly, I hope. I used some of my 1930's reproduction fabrics for this special quilt.  It will be for my first great-grandchild. She is due to make her appearance in January, 2013.

That was a lot of cutting, especially the white backgrounds on both quilts. Guess I better start stitching this week.