Friday, December 14, 2012

Little Christmas Projects

My daughter has promised not to peek at my blog posts between now and Christmas. I have been making some cute little Christmas gifts for her and my granddaughters. They are so cute I could not wait to share. These were fun projects to make. Think I'll make some more tomorrow. 

What have I been making? I've made snappy bags and tissue holders. I used this tutorial here for the tissue holders. There are lots of tutorials online for the snappy bags. They use pieces of cheap metal tape measures for the closures. 

M's favorite color is red and she almost 18. I thought the red, black, and white was sophisticated enough for her. Here's a close-up of her tissue holder.
S loves the combo of brown and green and she loves plaids. I love plaids. S could not believe the brown/green combo is not one I care for. But, I found these prints in my stash. I think she'll like this. 

Months ago (maybe longer) I bought some batiks. I was just interested in the colors mostly. But, later I was looking through my stash and realized that one was of a blue, sunflower design. My daughter loves sunflowers. Remember this wallhanging I made for her? Anyway, I used batiks to make my daughter a bag and tissue holder. I made her bag shorter and wider than the others. The rosy red is the perfect contrast.
What fun things are you making this holiday season?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Loved, Not Perfect... and Slow Sunday Stitching

Do you remember the first quilt you made? Has your quilting been influenced by another quilt maker? Over the years I have made a stab at becoming a quilter. It is only this year that I really consider myself a quilter. Why? Not from a lack of trying, I can assure you. I've made a couple of crib quilts years ago. I would really hate for anyone to look at the machine quilting very closely. This was before I discovered the use of a walking foot. Anyone been there and done that? But, these quilts are loved. You can view two of them here.  My granddaughter took a Sharpie marker to her Sunbonnet Sue when she was about 3 years old. But, at nearly 18 years old, she still has and loves that quilt.

My mother's quilts were my first knowledge of hand-made quilts. My family has always loved my mother's quilts. They are strictly scrap quilts made from our left over dress fabrics. There were four of us girls so there were plenty of scraps. I recently inherited a few of her quilts. They are much loved. They would not win a prize at the fair, but I am thrilled to have them. The fan quilt shown below is my favorite. I love the royal blue and sunny yellow. One of the fans says "Vote". LOL

My first try at making a full sized bed quilt was back in the mid-1990's. I thought scrap quilts were passe'. (I laugh at that now.) So, I went to Walmart and bought fabrics just for that quilt. They are not great fabrics, but are 100% cotton. So, that was a plus. I'm pretty sure the seams were more like 3/8" rather than a scant 1/4". I machine-pieced the quilt and started hand-quilting it, just as my mother did. The backing was solid white, cheap muslin...just like my mother always used. And I was intending to just lap the backing over the edge of the quilt to finish it. My mother never used an actual binding on her quilts.

Some where along the way, the backing shifted just enough that I wasn't going to have enough to lap over. I became discouraged and stopped. I put it away and eventually it found it's way to a mobile home on my husband's family home place that's used for storage. Friday I went and retrieved it. The fabric really is cheap and the mice had nibbled at the edge of it. There was a couple yellow stains on the backing. The safety pins I used to baste it were rusting. I was shocked to realize that 2/3's of the hand-quilting was done. Believe it or not, I washed that unfinished quilt.yesterday. I took out all the rusty pins after it was dried. I then re-pinned (new pins) all the unquilted parts. The batting is polyester... like my mother used. I intend to repair and finish quilting this quilt. It was my first and deserves love. Even if it will not ever win a blue (or any color) ribbon, it will keep someone warm at night.

Here is the quilt. It is a Rail Fence pattern set on point. Colors are pink, med-light blue and navy. I'll bet someone in my family will love it as much as I love my mother's quilts.
This is a bad photo of the side of the quilt I apoligize. It is of one of the set in pieces. 
This will be my slow Sunday stitching for a while. You can see what others are slow stitching on Kathy's blog. Link up what you are slow stitching.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Slow Sunday Stitching and a Finish!

Today I hand-stitched the binding of the Hugs and Kisses quilt. Well, actually I began last night and finished today.  I decided to go with the lavender 1930's print for the binding. What do you think?

Here is the entire quilt spread out on a full size bed. This quilt is 50"x50".

 I still think it is too big for a crib quilt. This quilt seems more toddler size than crib quilt size. My new great-grand baby will have a half sister who is less than 2 years old. I am thinking of giving it to her and making another crib quilt. What little girl wouldn't love a quilt with lots of pinks and purples and bunnies and kitties? here is the backing.

Today I suddenly remembered a crib quilt tutorial I saw during the Dots on Dots blog hop a couple months back. It was designed by Julie of The Crafty Quilter blog. It is a pinwheel quilt, but she has a unique way of making the flying geese pieces. Plus, I love the bright colors she used along with a dotty black. I hope I can use some Dilly Dally fabric I have on hand for the pinwheel blocks. It has the same colors in the collection. We'll see. But, I can't wait to try out her technique. You can check out her tutorial here.

You can check out the slow Sunday stitching at Kathy's blog here.