Friday, December 14, 2012

Little Christmas Projects

My daughter has promised not to peek at my blog posts between now and Christmas. I have been making some cute little Christmas gifts for her and my granddaughters. They are so cute I could not wait to share. These were fun projects to make. Think I'll make some more tomorrow. 

What have I been making? I've made snappy bags and tissue holders. I used this tutorial here for the tissue holders. There are lots of tutorials online for the snappy bags. They use pieces of cheap metal tape measures for the closures. 

M's favorite color is red and she almost 18. I thought the red, black, and white was sophisticated enough for her. Here's a close-up of her tissue holder.
S loves the combo of brown and green and she loves plaids. I love plaids. S could not believe the brown/green combo is not one I care for. But, I found these prints in my stash. I think she'll like this. 

Months ago (maybe longer) I bought some batiks. I was just interested in the colors mostly. But, later I was looking through my stash and realized that one was of a blue, sunflower design. My daughter loves sunflowers. Remember this wallhanging I made for her? Anyway, I used batiks to make my daughter a bag and tissue holder. I made her bag shorter and wider than the others. The rosy red is the perfect contrast.
What fun things are you making this holiday season?


Grit said...

This looks great.
Greetings from Germany, Grit

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