Monday, June 10, 2013

Star of the Show

In a couple of days I will be delivering the graduation quilt to my granddaughter #2. Her younger sister (granddaughter #3) has shown an interest in sewing. I gave her a few lessons on my visit last year. You can see that here.

She has requested that we do another project together. Her mother suggested a giant star quilt throw. We will use Jeni's tutorial at In Color Order blog. You can see it here. Because of limited time and traveling, I have opted to pick fabrics from my stash for her. She is quite an artist and loves color. Her favorite color is blue. Here are the fabrics I chose.

I will take her to Joann's to pick out the backing and binding for her self. Because I won't have a walking foot to use for quilting, I am going to have her to tie the quilt. Plus, I think a tied quilt is more forgiving if everything doesn't line up well. I'm hoping after we pin the layers, I can get the binding on. That way she can finish tying after I return home if necessary. She will learn to use a needle and thread, too.

I have cut the pieces out for her. Wow! Those are some giantic quilt pieces! Had to use my 32" Ofla ruler to cut the diagonal lines of the 18" squares. It was the first quilting ruler I ever bought. It rarely gets used. I certainly could not pack it in my luggage!

 We will only use one triangle of each print. So, there's a bonus in cutting out this quilt. I will actually have 2 quilts cut out, except for the background. I plan to use the others and make a star graduation quilt for my hubby's granddaughter. Hope to have it finished before she goes to Western Kentucky University this fall.


Teresa in Music City said...

What an excellent choice for a new quilter!!! Any teen would be thrilled with that pattern, and it looks fairly easy to do too :*) Plus the bonus of 2 quilts out of 1 - it's a no-brainer! I absolutely LOVE the fabrics you chose - can I come shop in your stash sometime? =^..^=

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