Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Star Is Born

Last month when I visited my daughter and her family in San Diego, my granddaughter #3 wanted me to do a project with her. Her Mom and I came up with an awesome but simple quilt pattern. I found this pattern here. I cut the pieces from my stash and took them with me.

Last year when I was visiting I introduced Sierra to sewing on a sewing machine. She made a pillowcase. You can see that post here. She did so much better this time around. She says she was a little afraid of the sewing machine last year. I do believe she has gotten over that fear now. 
Sierra piecing her quilt.
Hair pulled back for some serious sewing.
Sierra sewed and sewed for about 6 hours straight. Then, finished up the next day. Here is her flimsy.
We went to Joann's so she could pick her own backing and binding. The fabrics she chose made it truly hers own. I did not give her any guidance in choosing. She had free rein. I love her choices. She picked a deep pink polka dot for the binding. She did almost all the pin basting herself. I told her to spread out her hand and put a pin where her thumb touched. She measured every time, too.

We had intended to tie the quilt with yarn. But, neither of us liked it. We didn't have much time and had no walking foot for her machine. So, I brought it home with me and quilted it for her. She did such a great job with the pin basting, there were no puckers in the backing. That's quite a feat.
The finished quilt.
Look how great those star points are. No flat ends for her. That is so awesome for a first time quilt piecer!

Close-up of quilting.
Because of my son being ill, it took longer to get it back to her than planned. She got it this week. She seems to be very proud of it.

Sierra and her quilt.

Can't wait to do another project with her! So, fun!


Teresa in Music City said...

How wonderful!!!! It's always so much fun to see a new quilter being born :*) And when that quilter is family, it is even better! She did a wonderful job on her quilt, and I'm amazed that you found time to quilt it considering all that is going on in your life - way to go!!!

Angie said...

She did a FABULOUS job---man, I can't believe it's her first time especially with those perfect star points---and I love the quilting on it. A Wonderful quilt, one to be seriously proud of. :D

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