Friday, July 19, 2013

Joy and Sorrow

In early June I flew to San Diego for my granddaughter #2's high school graduation. I think she really loves the quilt I made for her. Even though it was warm weather, she kept rolling up in it. LOL

You can see that she and I were pretty happy after her graduation. She is the perfect combination of beauty and brains.

At the graduation I got to meet my first great-grandchild. I wish I could have gotten a photo of my grandson's face when he handed her to me. He was so proud. She was 5 months old when I  first saw her.

I spent time teaching granddaughter #3 how to sew. That will be in the next post. What a joyous trip, until.....

My son back in Nashville was getting sick when I left for my trip. When I talked to him a couple days later, I insisted he go to the emergency room, which he did. He was put in critical care with severe pneumonia and sepsis. By the next evening he had such respiratory distress, that he had to be put on a ventilator. We had to call his 19 year old daughter, who was also out of town, to let her know. She immediately drove back to Nashville. My daughter flew back with me the next day. My son was on the vent for 2 weeks. He remains in the hospital now. He still requires a lot of oxygen and had a gastric feeding tube placed yesterday. He is still very weak and still needs lots of prayers.


Anna McCurdy said...

Beautiful quilt, baby, grand daughter- I can see why she loves your scrappy trips around the world. I hope your son is beginning to recover and that will soon be back to his regular self. Sending you warm healing wishes and positive energy.
Regards from Alberta,

Teresa in Music City said...

What a great smile on your granddaughter's face!!! Clearly, she loves her new quilt - almost as much as she loves her grandmother :*) And just as clearly, you are pretty fond of that sweet great-grand! You definitely can't be old enough to have a great-grand!!! You must have been a very precocious 8-year-old LOL!!! Continuing to pray for your son's recovery.

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