Sunday, August 25, 2013

When Organizing Is Fun!

My how time flies when you are having fun! I've been having a lot of fun lately, despite a painful pinched nerve in my lower back. The problem with my back started at the end of a day when I was organizing my quilting stash, etc. What could be more fun than discovering some beautiful fabrics you already own?

Speaking of getting organized, I have really had to be organized with my most recently begun quilt. Last May my quilty friend Sharon purchased the pattern for the Spiral Burst Bargello Quilt. Isn't this gorgeous!

She wanted us to each make a lap-sized quilt using this pattern. We would work on the projects together. Sounded like fun. I said we could start when I returned from San Diego trip. But, then, my son was very ill and later,  my friend had medical problems of her own. So, FINALLY, we got started a couple weeks ago. We had already bought fabrics and auditioned them at our first get-together. Her colors run from chocolate brown to cream and yellows to greens. My colors are shades of blues and turquoises and shades of purples. Once we were satisfied with the fabrics and colors, we cut our strips (4 each of 24 fabrics). We quickly realized that we would have to keep everything labeled and organized. The photo of my strips are a little dark but, you get the idea.

 Below is one of 4 sections of strips that I sewed together and then sewed into a tube. 
When I got to Sharon's sewing room this morning she had set up a board of her fabrics and their coresponding numbers. I simply added mine when I cut the selvage off.  Not pretty but, this helped...A LOT! Making a bargello requires ripping seams (on purpose) and sewing back together in a different order for each row. When so many fabrics are similar, it's easy to get lost. 

Okay, more organizing. We then needed to label the rows after we stitched them. We got 5 rows done in 3 hours. It was pretty daunting at first. If you've ever made a bargello quilt you know what I mean. It really helped that we were doing this together. Guess two heads really are better than one, at least in the case of me and Sharon. LOL


Teresa in Music City said...

Oooooo - you'll love that quilt when you are done!!! Can't wait to see you showing that at Show -n-Tell at Guild one day :*) My first quilt when I started quilting in 2006 was a Twisted Bargello. I was overwhelmed but managed to finish it - it still holds place of honor on our bed!

Sharon Rose said...

We almost sound organized! If they only knew...

Melissa G. said...

Wow, those are beautiful color and fabric choices! I look forward to seeing them both put together!

Peg Botham said...

Goodness me you're very brave in my eyes lol, love both your colour choices and eagerly await progress reports. It will look amazing when finished.

Peg xx

Peg Botham said...
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Carrie P. said...

I guess it would be the best thing to be organized making that gorgeous quilt. One day I want to make one.

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