Saturday, November 9, 2013

Busy, Busy, Bargello

Gee! Where does the time go? Since my last post I have helped my son move into an apartment. I have been busy with quilt projects, took an applique class, been involved with my quilt guild, and covered my kitchen chair seats. Oh, that's where the time went!

I have also spent a lot of time sewing on my spiral bargello quilt. My friend Sharon and I get together frequently in her studio and sew on our quilts while we chat. What fun!  If you haven't previously read my post re: starting this quilt, you can read it here. That was last August. I kept forgetting to take my camera with me. When I did remember, the batteries were dead. Finally, yesterday I was able to snap a few photos. We were at the half way point in piecing them together. I had 24 rows and she had 25. There are a total of 49 rows. We put them side by side on a bed. Mine is the blue and purple and hers the yellow and green.

We have learned so much in making these. First, we did not have much guidance regarding color choices on this pattern. I think I would include more light colors next time. One tip,of course, is to have numbered swatches to keep track where you are. Another tip is to be careful if you wash and press your fabrics so you do not distort your fabric. Sharon had a problem with this. I don't pre-wash, but I use several Color Catcher sheets when I wash the final product. We have been told that we should have stitched one row going up and alternate with going down. We will do that next time.Yesterday,the idea light came on in my head and decided we should begin the second half of the quilt without attaching to the first half. This way we are not having to deal with all that extra fabric. We can put the two halves together later.

Some rows of the quilts finish at only 1/2" wide. I sewed 9 rows in one sitting and didn't add 5" inches to the width of the quilt. These are sofa sized quilts. We decided if we ever do another bargello it will be bed-sized so strips will be wider. On this pattern the queen size has 1" finished rows as the smallest width.

Here is a photo of one of the newly covered chair seats I mentioned above. It is a beautiful blue and gray print on white. I used a fabric shower curtain. They should wipe off easily enough. My sister Karen said she thinks she saw the idea on Pinterest and I thought it was a good one. I have enough left for a matching window valance. I have always wanted a blue and white kitchen.


Teresa said...

Love your colors! your friend's also, but I'm partial to jewel tones.

Prima Donna said...

Thanks, Teresa!

Teresa in Music City said...

Wow - I'm jealous of your chair covers! My kitchen is cobalt blue and white and I love it! The walls are yellow though - we didn't repaint when we moved in, but someday I hope to paint them a soft gray/blue. Your bargellos are coming along beautifully!!! Few quilts have that "Wow" factor like a bargello. I like the way you show both colorways too - both are wonderful!

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