Saturday, November 23, 2013

Just Google It

As a quilter I love all the quilting blogs. There are so many great ideas, tutorials, and inspiration for quilts online. I appreciate all who take their time to show me what they have done and how I can do it, too. This week I finished a Giant Vintage Star quilt. I found the pattern here. Thank you Jeni Baker of In Color Order blog for this awesome pattern. It's the bonus quilt I cut out when I was cutting out the quilt for my granddaughter to sew here and here

When it came time quilt my own version I wanted something different. I turned to Blooming Poppies blog and tutorial for quilting concentric circles. 
If you read the tutorial you will notice that she suggested using the bowl of your food processor to mark the starting circles. I figured that since I started quilting that food processor was not getting much use anyways. LOL  When I told my friend that I had used my food processor to quilt, she said, "Well, I guess that adds a whole new meaning to scrap quilting." Hee! Hee! I do love the end result. 
Thanks again to all of you in cyberspace who share and will continue to share your ideas and expertise. You help make this journey into quilting such a sweet blessing.


Ellen said...

It looks great! Good to know you found a good use for your food processor :).

Design Originals by KC said...

Next time I use my food processor I will laugh and think of you! Truth be told I LOVE using everyday objects as quilting "tools"... I have even been known to borrow some of my honey's real tools to help me out... like his long very straight level for marking straight lines! lol Thanks for sharing a wonderful finish! :) Kathi

Teresa in Music City said...

It turned out beautiful Donna! I actually don't even HAVE a food processor - I hate to cook, can you tell? LOL!!!

Angie said...

Oh my goodness, Donna, it is absolutely GORgeous!! I love the quilted circles---may have to do that on mine someday when it has 'aged' enough LOL that it gets quilted. :) and I LOVE the story about the food processor. LOL Truly a beautiful quilt. :)

Ginger Sheppard said...

Very Beautiful and excellent quilting too!

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