Sunday, October 13, 2013

More Slow Sunday Stitching

First I want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving week-end to my Canadian friends. Here in the USA many are celebrating Columbus Day week-end. Sure wish our Thanksgiving here was farther from Christmas. How nice that would be.

Well, since it is Sunday, I have been hand-piecing some more on my Triangles of the Past. This quilt is made medallion style. So, I will just keep adding rows around the center square. Hopefully, I will be able to complete the other 3 black/gray/brown sides today.
You would think that because I am stitching on a drawn straightline that my seams would be perfectly straight. Sometimes they are a little off. But, I doubt it will make a difference in the overall project.
If you missed my previous post, the photo below shows how the quilt will look when finished. This is from an old Australian quilt magazine.

Today I am linking up to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching. Check out what others are hand-stitching today. Hope you find time to slow stitch something, too.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Slow Sunday Stitching

Two posts in 2 days? Wow! I'm on a roll! A couple posts back I mentioned that I wanted to do some hand-piecing. That post is here. I got started  a few days ago, but last night I ripped out most of what I had stitched. My stitches are good (small and even). It's just that I think I need to get better at cutting my pieces from a template. Then, they will fit together better. That's half the battle. I have stitched on it this morning and I'm happy with it. This is certainly a learning experience. Here is this morning's progress. 

This is done medallion style. The next row around this center will be beige, cream, gold, and  mid-brown. I will be linking up to Kathy's Quilts Slow Sunday Stitching post.

I also want to learn to do needle turn applique'. Months ago I bought the pattern for Edyta Sitar's Spring Sprouts. The pieces are small, but not tiny. It's done in batiks. Love it!
But, I'm thinking maybe I should start with something else. I guess I could just do an applique' pillow. I did fairly well appliqueing the circles to my dresden plate quilt. Yesterday in the mail I received the Lori Smith pattern shown below. It's called Lily's Garden and looks a little simplier than Spring Sprouts. She used 1930's small prints for most of her quilt, but would lend itself to almost any small prints. I love them both!
How about some pointers from those of you who do neddle turn applique'? I love the idea of stitching by hand while watching TV or listening to a book on my Ipod.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Scattered Thoughts

Whew! I'm happy that last Tuesday has come and gone. I had been sewing non-stop to try and get my challenge quilt wallhanging done for the guild meeting. Plus, I had agreed to present the Easy Dresden ruler and needed to finish up some examples for using it. I was so nervous during the presentation. But, my Dresden Place quilt top got lots of "ooh's and aah's".

If you recall we had to use a quirky strped fabric in the wallhanging. We also had to include a pieced star and we could add only 5 other fabrics. Some took an easy out and made a small star from the challenge fabric. Not much of the stripe was actually used. This was my first challenge, so that surprised me. Guess I thought the challenge fabric should be more of a focus fabric. The first place winner did actually use a lot of that fabric. I didn't win anything, but I was happy with my entry.

 I used the Quilty Barns designed by Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet blog for the barn blocks. For the 6" quilt blocks on the sides of the barns I used an older quilt book I had in my book stash. It is called Around the Block with Judy Hopkins. The rest of the quilt I just made up as I went along which required a lot of seam ripping.

After the guild meeting I had lunch with Teresa of A Quilt and a Prayer blog and her friend Joanne. Oh, my goodness! I learned more about free-motion quilting from these ladies in 5 minutes than all the books and videos I have seen. I could not wait to try their tips and they worked! Thank you so much!!!

Yesterday I was finally able to get back together with quilty friend Sharon so we could work on our Spiral Burst Bargellos. If you missed the post about this project, you can read it here. We managed to finish preparing the 49 strips for these quilts. Next week we will begin to put them together. Working together has been so much fun! We can't wait to see the outcome. We are already trying to think of another shared project for early next year.

Last night I was going through some things in my sewing room. First I found the paint chips for Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street quilt. I picked them up last year at Lowe's and immediately misplaced them. That's why I never made this mystery quilt. (wink, wink) That's my story and I'm sticking to it. LOL

Then, I came across these goodies below. Lots and lots of 3" squares that I had apparently aquired years ago in an online swap. I really don't remember these. It had to be back in 1999. I do remember swapping 2" squares (including a signature square) for a millennium quilt. That quilt is still a UFO. Maybe by the next millennium? But, these beauties are 3" squares.

I'm assuming the red check with the maple leaf is from Canada. And, below is the clue that they are probably from 1999. As you can see, there are stacks and stacks of these. What to do?

 Maybe these would be a good leader and ender project. I have always wanted to make a simple 9-patch quilt with the alternate squares and the background color the same. The background would be a solid color, but not a neutral. Maybe set on-point?  Three inch squares really wouldn't play well with other sizes unless I cut them down to 1-1/2 ". I really don't want to do that. Any other suggestions?

Hope you find some time to quilt this beautiful Fall day.