Friday, January 31, 2014

Baltimore Block Wall Hanging

A couple of days ago I showed my first applique' project. You can read that post hereThere was one area that was bothering me, so I re-did that part. Here is the before photo previously posted. 

I had re-cut the green for the calyx. I could not find the fabric that matched the stem so, I used a batik. The points were terrible. Then, yesterday I stumbled over the original green fabric. It was quite literally under my feet. Maybe it's time to clean the sewing room. LOL. Here is the end result.
It looks better, except now one rosy, red bud is larger than the other. I can live with that. It happens in nature, doesn't it? I'm trying to not be too hard on myself. Now, here is the wallhanging top all put together. It measures 28" square.
I'm still not sure if that blue inner border is too bright, but I like it. I'm quilting this wallhanging soon. Then, it is going to be hung above my sewing table for me to enjoy.


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