Monday, January 13, 2014

So Blessed

We went for a long week-end visit to see my mother and my "baby" sister. I had plans to post my Rainbow Scrap Challenge block on Saturday and Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching yesterday. But, I grabbed the wrong computer cord. Then, I realized ALL my images on my blog has disappeared. Took hours to figure out that when I got home.  Those posts will have to wait.

But, I digress. Yesterday my mother's brothers and sister came to visit her at her assisted living. We enjoyed spending time with them all. My mother has some dementia and in a wheel chair due to Parkinson's Disease.  She is almost 91 years old. Her 3 brothers and her sister are all in their 80's. This is an amazing family photo, don't you think? We are so blessed to have them still with us.
We had other blessings this week-end, too. My great-granddaughter celebrated her first birthday on Saturday. She lives 2,000 miles away, but there were lots of photos to share with us all on Facebook. My daughter (her grandmother) is an avid crocheter. Look at the cute mermaid blanket she made for Theia. Wish the tail was in the photo a little better.
My other sister, who lives in New York state, became a grandmother for the first time. Her son and his wife had a baby boy on Friday night. I kept hoping he would wait a few more hours and share a birthday with Theia. Isn't he cute?

And, last but not least, my other sister's 3 month old granddaughter was dedicated at their church yesterday. Little Ryleigh is so sweet and smiles all the time. 
Yes, our family is very blessed. 


Ellen said...

Wonderful family memories and photos.

What happened to your blog pictures?

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