Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014

Welcome to the New Year 2014. I just know we are all going to have lots of quilty, crafty fun this year. I ended 2013 and started 2014 with internet issues. Hope that does not continue, because I would miss ya'll. 

I have been making new year's plans for a couple of weeks now. I have never set monthly goals before. But, a couple of my friends do and they seem to accomplish so much. I realize that things happen to prevent goals from occasionally not being reached. But, still, it's a good idea and I intend to do that this year. Besides, if plan A does not work, there are 25 more letters in the alphabet---204 if you are in Japan. LOL

I do have several UFO's that need to be wrapped up early this year. And, I have lots of new projects to start, too. Are you surprised? One of my new projects will be a quilt-along on the Delightful Stars quilt with Michele Foster of finished size it 92"x108". Isn't this a beautiful quilt?

 I received a couple of JoAnn's gift cards for Christmas and plan to buy the 6 1/2 yards of black Kona cotton I need to make it. It is on sale this week, but next week I can use a 50% off coupon and hopefully, it will not be on sale. I am using bright solids with the black. I already have some brights and I ordered more from Craftsy's sale this week. They are already on their way to me. 

This will be the first year I will participate in Angela's Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Check out her button on the right hand side of my blog. I'm thinking a basket quilt is what I will be making with my scraps.

I will continue some BOM's and start on an applique quilt, too. I will be posting my January goals before this week's end. I can't wait to see what you will be making this year!


Teresa in Music City said...

Oooooo - you're right - that's a gorgeous quilt!!! Good thing I've already planned my new starts for this year or I'd be jumping on that bandwagon :) I'll happily watch your quilt come to life each month and drool jealously *grin!*

Glad to hear you are joining in the RSC this year! It is one of my favorite quilt-alongs because it really helps keep my scraps to a minimum - and I get beautiful quilts out of the deal too :*) A basket quilt will be lovely!!!!

Looking forward to sewing together a lot in 2014!!!

pamela thorne said...

Great Quilt! I am doing the ufo thing with the guild this year. I made the list of 12, but am planning on concentrating on those that come after the number 12 also. LOL! Enjoyed talking with you this evening! :)

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