Sunday, March 30, 2014

Still kicking...but, not high.

Contrary to popular belief, I have not fallen of the face of the earth. I just took a little unplanned blogging break. Sometimes, the time just gets away from me. Plus, last week I was at a 4 day quilt retreat with members of my guild. The Music City Quilter's Guild had their annual retreat at the YMCA Camp Wijiwagan. This was my first retreat experience and it was awesome! Seventeen of us spent the night in the guesthouse at the YMCA camp on Percy Priest Lake in Nashville. Another 10 or so members came and sewed with us during the day. This was the view from the window I sat next to with my sewing machine. See how close we were to the lake?
I did not even take a computer with me and did not even have withdrawal symptoms. Imagine that! If we got tired and needed a break, we had this wonderful fireplace to sit in front of. The first 2 ladies on the left (Charlie and Joyce) were my fantastic roommates. They were so much fun! Charlie gave me a lesson on how to square up small half square triangles. She is a very patient teacher.
You can see the fireplace better in the photo below. Mary Lou is chatting with our guild president. Look at Teresa's pile of scraps. She complained that I had not posted in a while. This is payback, Teresa. LOL
Here is the sewing lodge packed with sewing machines, quilters, fabrics and all manner of quilting tools. Don't have what you need? Someone will share theirs. Kathy (on the left) loaned me a lamp. Someone else loaned me a small square ruler. Quilters are very generous with there tools and expertise.
Since I came home I have been recuperating by doing more big stitch quilting on my son's wallhanging. Hope I don't run out of the orange perle cotton thread.
I am linking to Kathy's Quilts and her Slow Sunday Stitching.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Favorite Tools

This past week I drove down to visit my mother and sister for a few days. It was lovely to sit with my mother at her memory care center and stitch. My mother was a sewist and quilter, so I think she enjoyed just being with me while I hand-quilted. I got a lot done on the Triangles quilt for my son.
This quilt has half square triangles that I am quilting squares into. Most of the squares have a light triangle and a dark triangle. I am quilting a 1/4 inch inside the square. I tried to eyeball it. I must be cross-eyed (LOL) because that did not work well. Then, I remembered the Hera marker and a quarter inch ruler I had recently purchased. Oh, my! That worked like a charm and nothing to wash out either.
 I am marking a few squares at a time. I used the quarter inch marking on the inside of the seams and then, used the width of the ruler to mark lines for the center square. Those marking lines stay in very well.
You can see those Hera marker creases in the photo above. FYI: My hubby wanted to know how I managed to bend so many pins. Hee! Hee! 

I am linking up with Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Adventures In Big Stitch

Today I am going to continue with the big stitch quilting using 12 wt. Perle cotton thread. There is certainly a learning curve here. I am glad that my son will be the receipient because he won't care if my stitches are all uniform or not. He is just thrilled to soon have this quilt on his wall. I do love the orange thread on the is quilt wall hanging.  The thread color didn't show well in the photo below.
This afternoon, Sharon and I will again be sewing up a storm in her sewing room. I hope to have the herringbone quilt finished before my quild's quilt retreat the end of March. It might be storming outside, too. The high temp for today in Nashville is predicted to be 62° and a low tonight of 21°. Yikes!

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