Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hand Quilting Projects

Today I tried a new (for me) technique. I basted a quilt with thread. I usually pin baste, but the pins get in the way of my hoop. I am planning to hand quilt this small wall hanging. It really was a quick basting job because the wall hanging is small. I saw a video where the instructor was using a spoon in the left hand to bring up the needle. But, this project is small and very few seams, so not difficult to just bring the needle back up. I used some old, off brand embroidery thread I had and a very large needle. Can you see my basting?  I basted from the center out, then turned and went from the center out again. I did this until it was all done. The ends of the threads were left with a short tail and no knots. It should be easily removed.
I had some problems finding something that I could mark the border with that I could see. I tried a white pencil, soap slivers, a white Sewline pen. Even the Hera marker did not work well. Someone at retreat had me to try their Bohin white chalk pen. Worked great and I bought one as soon as I got home. If you look closely you can see my markings. I used a stencil for the border. 
Today I noticed the wall hanging I am quilting for my son was under the lamp. I love to see a quilt when the design starts to pop up. I hope to finish this soon. I did have to order more orange perle cotton thread. It should arrive today. 
I am thinking of using a 2-sided binding on this that I saw in our quilt guild program earlier this week. Hopefully, that will be in a post really soon.
Enjoy your day!


Design Originals by KC said...

You did a great job basting your wall hanging... Loving the little glimpses you are giving of the quilt for your son.. would love to see a 2 sided binding! Thanks for sharing what you are up to! Kathi

Teresa in Music City said...

Wow - look at you go girl!!! Your quilting is really beautiful - nice tiny stitches :) And such a cute little wallhanging waiting in the wings to get some attention when you are done with your son's quilt. Can't wait to see how the double-sided binding works for you - it sounds like a great technique to know how to do!

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Looks wonderful! I used to thead baste but I prefer pins. I just take them out in the area that is going to be hooped. I love when the light hits a quilt just right, definitely time to take a pic!

Ellen said...

I always found the pins got in my way too and I always thread basted instead.

Carrie P. said...

that orange perle cotton thread is perfect for the quilt.

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