Monday, April 21, 2014

Wild Flowers and A Flimsy

My quilty friend Sharon is an avid gardener. Plus, she loves wildflowers. They grow so well on her wooded property. So, I had been telling her about a flower that comes up in my yard every year, but I don't know the name of it. I sent her the photos below, but she did not recognize them. Do you?

Also, yesterday, while Sharon attached a binding to her latest quilt, I ripped and ripped. When I got back home I finally got the disappearing 9 patch quilt top together with all blocks going in the right direction. This morning I took a photo of the flimsy. It looks like it has a lot of white in it, but those are printed pieces. Trying to decide if I want to add borders or not. I have a nice medium dark blue that might work. Or, maybe a tan, narrow inner border and then a wide, blue border? I'm still not crazy about this quilt.

Meantime, I bought a backing fabric for this quilt about 3 weeks ago. Now I have no idea where I put
it. That would surely never happen to ya'll, would it?

I am linking up to Judy's design wall Monday.


Design Originals by KC said...

Donna, I never told you but I used to live in Lafayette in mid TN.. kindof... lol! Anyway we had those growing also on an incline like you have... at our home out in the country there! Don't know what they are called but they were pretty every spring! Glad you have them... that house was filled with some great memories! lol
About your quilt... have you considered a chocolate border? I think it would look EXCELLENT on this top.. then a chocolate or navy binding would do well. Hope you find your backing!

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

I have been told those are called star of bethlehem. Not sure if that is a common name or not.

Prima Donna said...

Thanks, Carla. I looked it up and you are correct. It is also know as : dove’s dung, sleepydick, nap-at-noon, Pyrenees star of Bethlehem. I don't think Sharon would want it in her garden. Apparently it can be invasive in gardens.

Carrie P. said...

Pretty flower. I have some wild flowers in my yard too that I don't know what they are but I do like them. Glad Carla could help.
I love your quilt. I like the disappearing 9patch design too.

Quilt Musings said...

I think Kathi's suggestion of chocolate is an excellent one! I also think this quilt could stand alone without borders... Not much help huh?

I don't have many places to put my fabric so I have not misplaced any. . . yet. I have however forgotten about fabric that I bought :)

Ellen said...

I love your quilt and it will look even more wonderful after it is quilted! Blue and brown together are such a nice combo.

Cindy said...

lol, I use to spend a good part of the day looking for something I put away, now I just go out and purchase it again, then that part of the day I have to get it done instead of looking. Love your quilt, I don't think there is too much white. Very nice combination, love it

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