Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New Products

On my last post I showed a new applique block I am working on. Eventually, I will make all the blocks for Mim's Bloomers. Because I do not know if it is okay to post Erin's photo on my blog, here is a link to what the finished quilt will look like. I am using purples in place of the blues. 

Kathy, who blogs at Empty Nest but Full Heart asked how I got my applique pieces so nice and crisp. So, I will share with all of you about the new products I am using for this project. At my last guild meeting, I purchased a product from our guest speaker. It is called Wash-Away Applique Sheets by C&T Publications. There are 25 sheets in a package. The sheets are thin enough to see the pattern underneath. Or, the sheets will fit into your inkjet printer. 
I traced my patterns onto the sheet and cut them out. I just used a pencil to trace. The block design below looked simple until I realized there were 80 petals to trace and prepare. I'll save this one until later.
There is a fusible side to the sheets and I ironed the pieces on to the wrong side of my fabric. I left a scant 1/4" seam around the pieces when I cut them out. I applied Elmer's Washable Glue Stick (the one that goes on purple) to the edges to be turned under and finger pressed into place. Another product I had not used before was Roxanne's Glue Baste. I glue basted the pieces into place on the background fabric with tiny dots of the glue baste.
I also used bias pressing bars for the first time. I cut my stem fabric on the bias. For this project I cut them 1" wide. I put the long edges wrong sides together and stitched 1/4" seam, making a tube. I found the correct size bar and inserted into the tube and turned the seamline to the backside. Then, I pressed with the iron. When I removed the bar I did have to trim the seam down some.

Now, here is what I have learned. The Wash-Away Sheets are supposed to dissolve when washed or soften up over time. As I am stitching, the pieces are beginning to soften. But, on future blocks I will probably not glue baste all the pieces on at once. My thread was constantly getting hooked around the loose pieces. The pieces were very stiff at first and made it difficult to maneuver. But, for a take-along project, glue basting all into place might be good. Also, I glue basted the basket a little too close to the edges. It makes it a little more difficult to stitch down.

Now back to stitching.


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Thanks for the additional information! I'm bound and determined to learn to appliqué and you've given me a good bit of information that should help me immensely when that day comes.

Design Originals by KC said...

thanks for sharing how you prepared for your applique! Great info here :) Kathi

Ellen said...

Thank you for the great info!

Teresa in Music City said...

Sounds like you are finding a method that works for you! Wonderful information - thanks for sharing. Looking forward to catching up on Tuesday :)

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