Sunday, June 29, 2014

Slow Stitching and More Slow Stitching

The last few days I have been visiting my mother and sister. They live about 200 miles away. It's a nice little drive in good weather. My main purpose in going at this time was to attend a Parkinson's Disease seminar with my sister. She is 10½ years younger than I, but was diagnosed with PD a couple years ago. They finally have regulated her medications well. If you met her, you would not see the tremors she once had. Sadly, this disease has more in store for her in the future. 

My sister sews, but is not a quilt maker. While on a vacation to Hot Springs, AR last month, she visited a quilt shop. She surprised me with 2 beautiful Henry Glass fabrics (1 yd. each). Aren't they cute?
She also asked me to take a walk with her Friday afternoon and she introduced me to one of her neighbors. This neighbor is also a quilter and has a short arm quilting machine. She had a Quilt of Valor for her nephew on the machine and ready to quilt. 

I have been working on the quilt-as-you-go scrappy herringbone quilt. Every evening at my sister's, we would sit and chat while I stitched down the binding. It seems like this binding is taking me longer than usual to finish, though it's not a super large quilt. 
I tried something different this time. I sewed on the binding before I trimmed the backing and batting. I liked the result because I seemed to be able to control my fabric better. How do you do it?

Today I drove back home in a hard rain and then took a much needed nap. Now I am ready for some more slow stitching. Hopefully, I will finish up this binding tonight. Check out what  others are slow stitching today on Kathy's blog.

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Bane of My Existence?

So, a few months ago, Sharon and I decided we were going to make Maureen Cracknell's Herringbone quilt. The tutorial is here. In Sharon's sewing room we cut 2½ inch strips of our scraps for several get-together sessions. I cut my panels a little wider than Maureen's. I also, only intended to make 6 panels instead of eight. Then, we began to sew. The strips are supposed sewn onto a panel of cotton batting at a 45° angle. Easy-peasy. The first couple of panels went well. Then, for some reason I began to find it difficult to maintain that angle. I ripped out and ripped out. Then, I set it aside. 

Meantime, Sharon finished hers and her daughter-in-law claimed it. I brought mine home, unfinished. Yesterday I stitched the final panels. Looks great, doesn't it?
But, look at the far, upper right side. And, this close-up.

Oops! Totally put those strips on going in the WRONG direction. No matter how I turn them I have the same result. I'm going to make another panel. Do I replace a panel or add a panel? What to do? What to do? 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Finished, Labeled, and Delivered

I finished my son's quilt this afternoon. It was too large for my hubby to hold it up for photos. He has shoulder problems. Too much shade at my son's place. So, we did the best we could to take photos.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Almost A Finish

This week I have been quilting on the Disappearing Nine Patch quilt. This is the quilt I did not care much for and my son claimed. I put borders on it to make it fit his queen-sized bed. As I machine quilted it and began attaching the binding, it has started to grow on me. But, my son is adamant that it will be perfect in his apartment...and he is right. But, this is the last of my quilts he will get for a while. Others are waiting for quilts, too.

I tried something a little different on the machine quilting. I have never gotten the hang of free-motion quilting. On this quilt I used a walking foot and choose a wavy decorative stitch on my machine. I hope you can see some of the quilting in the photo below. 
I didn't quilt it very heavily. The wavy lines are about 2" apart and go from top to bottom. I used straight lines on the inner border and straight and wavy quilting on the outer border. I began hand stitching the binding yesterday while my friend Sharon machine quilted. It is so fun to quilt and chat at the same time. This is the largest quilt I have ever made and the binding seems to go on forever! Today I will listen to an audio book on my Ipod as I sew.