Monday, August 18, 2014

The Finish Line

Yesterday for Slow Sunday Stitching, I stitched on the binding for the baby quilt that I made during Friday Night Sew-In. The photo does not show the true color of the backing and binding, but you get the idea. The pink is printed with tiny white butterflies. It is such a sweet, baby girl pink.
Here is the finished quilt. I love the bright fabrics. Just need to label it, wash it, and send it to California.
Last Thursday Sharon and I surprised Cheryl with her Lap Kitties quilt. She swears she never smiles in a photo, but check out this happy face!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Friday Night Sew-In

Last night I participated in my first FNSI. Wendy at Sugarlane Designs is hosting right now. You can click on the badge on the sidebar for more info. I'm a little late posting because I went to a quilt show today. But, now I'm home and can show you what I worked on last night. I've been trying to decide how to make a baby quilt for my great-granddaughter #2. She is 3 months old already!

I knew it had to have butterflies. I had collected some fabrics and finally decided I wanted to go simple and showcase the fabrics. Here are some of the fabrics I chose. 

I picked out Streak of Sunshine from Bonnie Hunter's free patterns. I made an extra row so the the quilt was 9 rows across and 10 down. I only put on a narrow border instead of 2 borders that the pattern called for. Then, I decided to try a decorative stitch that was on my new sewing machine. If I had it to do over, I would not do it. It's a row of cute little butterflies.
Here is the quilt, all trimmed and ready for a binding. 

This quilt went very quickly from cutting to quilting. I will attach the binding tonight. For Slow Sunday Stitching I will be hand-stitching the binding.

Check out what others sewed at FNSI here.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pressing Business

Yes, I admit it! I am one of those people who hated the idea of pressing every seam as I pieced a quilt. I would try to stitch as much as possible before I would go to the ironing board. Okay, so once the quilt was together, who was to know about all those "flippy" seams? It's not like I was going to enter it into a contest. This is what I would tell myself.

And, then, one day Sharon was pressing a top for me while I did other sewing. Busted!!! She really got on my case. Luckily, I had won a small ironing table at my quilt guild. The base of the table is a wooden TV tray with padding and a beautiful fabric cover stapled on. Isn't this cute? It sits right next to my sewing center.
Several years ago I began to cut background pieces for a Sister's Choice scrap quilt using a Bonnie Hunter pattern. Then, I misplaced them. I found them recently and decided to drag out my bag of 2 ½" strips. I began making 9-patch blocks. This was so much fun. And, *drum roll* I pressed every seam. I have gotten 30 of 9-patch blocks stitched. I clipped them together in lots of 10.
 I just had to see what a completed block would look like. See, here is the back without a single flippy seam. 
Here is the finished star block.
All my blocks will be scrappy. To bring it together, I found a bunch of fabrics in my stash that are a funny green. It's sort of a sea green...difficult to describe. All the star points will be one of these green prints. It gives the eye a place to rest. Hopefully, this bed-sized quilt will be mine to keep. We will see.
Happy pressing!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

No "real" Pets on Quilts

I've noticed the Pets On Quilts blog hop is under way. I love quilts and I love (some) pets and kids. But, I just can not imagine allowing them on my quilts. Don't all you pet-lovers get upset with me. Once I give away a quilt, I really don't care. I give quilts for people to enjoy. I make baby quilts that will probably get drug around. Or, could end up with who knows what on it. 
This is my granddaughter #2. She is 19 years old and in college now. This is probably one of my first completed quilts. The reason she is looking "sheepish" is she is sitting on a rather large magic marker stain (her handiwork). But, she still has this quilt and still loves it. 
Today I will be stitching down the binding on the quilt Sharon and I made for our friend Cheryl. We decided on a black binding. The batik backing is blue with some purple, pink, and turquoise. 
Not only did we applique cats on this quilt, but Cheryl owns 2 black cats.When it's Cheryl's quilt, I'm sure Peanut and Pepper will be spending a lot of time on it.

I am linking up to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching