Sunday, April 27, 2014

New Slow Sunday Stitching Goodies

This past Thursday I went with a group on a bus to Paducah, KY for the famous Paducah QuiltWeek. It was the first time I have gone.  Our first stop was Hancock's of Paducah. This fabric store was so large and overwhelming that I bought very little.
Then, we got to the convention center where this year's quilt entries and winners were on display. I even got to talk to a couple of the winning quilt makers. Such gorgeous quilts and there were quilting vendors galore.

I looked around for along time. When I would stop to rest I met quilters from KY, IL, MO, AR, UT, OH, and even Australia. I mentioned to one woman that she looked familiar to me. Turns out that we belong to the same quilter's association (TVQA) and recently were at a meeting together. Quilters are such friendly folk.

And, yes, I did buy a few fun things that are mostly for slow stitching. I bought a couple spools of YLI hand quilting thread. Have not tried it yet. I bought a Roxette thimble and not sure I can get accustomed to it. I got a variegated blue and purple spool of King Tut cotton thread that I plan to use to quilt my bargello quilt. I have been told that it can also be used for hand quilting by a fabulous whole cloth hand quilter.

My largest expense was on a Morgan non-slip lap stand. I chose the 10" and 14" hoop combo. I love it!
I can use the 14" side like this or flip and use the 10" side pictured below.
Last night and this morning I have been using it to continue hand quilting this wall hanging. If you look carefully you can see that I had to re-draw some of my quilting lines.
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Playing Hang Man

Last week I finally finished my son's wall hanging. I had been waiting to show the finished quilt until we could get it hung on his living room wall. I think Shawn's pretty proud of it.

He also talked me out of another one for his kitchen/dining area. Last Fall I made a quilt barn wall hanging. It was a guild challenge quilt using that striped piece of fabric used on roofs of the barns and the silos. Here is a closer look at that fabric.
My son's kitchen has red counter tops which he hates, but the red barns went very well with it.

Meantime, Shawn wants me to finish that disappearing 9 patch quilt and give to him. When I showed him the blog photo, he did not like the D9P. But when he saw it in person, he loved it. Now I also need to finish my daughter's quilt and my hubby's quilt. 

But, tomorrow this lady will be at the Quilt Show in Paducah. I have never been and so excited! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Wild Flowers and A Flimsy

My quilty friend Sharon is an avid gardener. Plus, she loves wildflowers. They grow so well on her wooded property. So, I had been telling her about a flower that comes up in my yard every year, but I don't know the name of it. I sent her the photos below, but she did not recognize them. Do you?

Also, yesterday, while Sharon attached a binding to her latest quilt, I ripped and ripped. When I got back home I finally got the disappearing 9 patch quilt top together with all blocks going in the right direction. This morning I took a photo of the flimsy. It looks like it has a lot of white in it, but those are printed pieces. Trying to decide if I want to add borders or not. I have a nice medium dark blue that might work. Or, maybe a tan, narrow inner border and then a wide, blue border? I'm still not crazy about this quilt.

Meantime, I bought a backing fabric for this quilt about 3 weeks ago. Now I have no idea where I put
it. That would surely never happen to ya'll, would it?

I am linking up to Judy's design wall Monday.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Slow Sunday Ripping?

Yesterday I was sewing together the blocks of my disappearing 9 patch. I was on a roll. When I sew a large quilt I like to put each half together separately. That way I don't have so much weight pulling at it. That plan did not work so well yesterday. Apparently I turned the blocks on each half together differently. So, this afternoon I am going to sit with my friend Sharon and chat while she sews and I rip. She did remind me this morning that I am so good at ripping.Thanks Sharon. LOL Here is the start of the layout.
Yes, it does look rather busy, but it will go under our spread and it will feel good to sleep curled under it. I just wanted to do something with these fabrics and move on to the next project.

This evening I will be doing some slow stitching on my Baltimore block wall hanging. It has been a couple of years since I hand quilted using regular quilting thread. I'm trying to improve my stitches. I am doing about 7 stitches to the inch after watching several hand stitching videos. Here is last night's progress.
Not a good photo,but hope you can get the idea. I also finished my son's wall hanging this past week. I will be sharing a photo as soon as we get it hung on his living room wall.
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Happy Easter,

Friday, April 18, 2014

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

My mother once told me that quilts were made with blood, sweat, and tears. I think that was just after she had finished making me a quilt for Christmas 1980. It is all hand pieced and hand quilted. It is a Lemoyne Star. Don't you love it? Totally scrappy.

Well, I was just thinking about all the needle pricks I have had through the years. Not a lot of blood there, until...

A couple of years ago had started making a disappearing 9 patch quilt.I had used some layer cakes and some charm squares. I had cut the layer cakes into what I laughingly called 5" squares. I soon found out that not all pre-cut fabrics are cut the same. My blocks were terrible. So, I packed them away. In the last few days I have been trimming them to 12" squares. 

Looked pretty good. Then, I started sewing more blocks together. Today I was on a roll. I was chain piecing the 9 patches together at break neck speed. After lunch, I pressed my stack of 9 patches and began slicing them like this.
I was cutting the last one when my hubby came to tell me he was leaving to go to his brother's. I guess I got in a bit of a hurry to finish. Yep, this is where the blood comes in. I sliced my index finger on my left hand. I told my hubby it was fine. I wrapped it up so he wouldn't see how bad it was. I had sliced it on a slant about a 1/2" across and the blood was pouring. He left and I drove myself to the ER. Got some nice little steri-strips and a tetanus shot.
Now back to sewing and, hopefully, no more blood. We quilter's won't let something like that keep us from making progress on a quilt top. Right?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Slow Sunday Stitching-Coming Across the Finish Line

Today I hope to finish up my son's wall hanging. Though it is hand pieced and hand quilted, I just could not make myself attach the binding  by hand. I will sew it down by hand, of course. I decided to put on the binding before I do the quilting on the edge triangles and the corners. Seemed like it will be easier that way. 

I had hoped to make a two-sided binding on this quilt. I thought I  would like a light blue binding on the front. But, the backing is a tone on tone rust color print. Well, after I miscut the binding  I finally decided I preferred do the whole binding in the rust fabric. There are some wonderful tutorials online on how to make  a double sided binding. Perhaps I'll check one out before I try again. LOL

Below is one of the corners. I think I will quilt the corners as one large triangle. What do you think?
I am linking up to Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching. Check out what everyone else is doing today.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hand Quilting Projects

Today I tried a new (for me) technique. I basted a quilt with thread. I usually pin baste, but the pins get in the way of my hoop. I am planning to hand quilt this small wall hanging. It really was a quick basting job because the wall hanging is small. I saw a video where the instructor was using a spoon in the left hand to bring up the needle. But, this project is small and very few seams, so not difficult to just bring the needle back up. I used some old, off brand embroidery thread I had and a very large needle. Can you see my basting?  I basted from the center out, then turned and went from the center out again. I did this until it was all done. The ends of the threads were left with a short tail and no knots. It should be easily removed.
I had some problems finding something that I could mark the border with that I could see. I tried a white pencil, soap slivers, a white Sewline pen. Even the Hera marker did not work well. Someone at retreat had me to try their Bohin white chalk pen. Worked great and I bought one as soon as I got home. If you look closely you can see my markings. I used a stencil for the border. 
Today I noticed the wall hanging I am quilting for my son was under the lamp. I love to see a quilt when the design starts to pop up. I hope to finish this soon. I did have to order more orange perle cotton thread. It should arrive today. 
I am thinking of using a 2-sided binding on this that I saw in our quilt guild program earlier this week. Hopefully, that will be in a post really soon.
Enjoy your day!