Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bargellos and Baskets

Last week I took 2 finished quilts to show at my guild. Now, I have begun to sleep under the Mary Engelbreit quilt. I almost always use a 100% cotton batting for my quilts. It is so comfortable any time of the year. Plus, I just love that crinkly look that you get with the little bit of shrinkage. 

The second quilt was a finished top in November 2013. I was just so afraid I would ruin this Spiral Burst bargello when I started the quilting. So, I kept putting it off. Last month I finally got the nerve to try it. I did use the seam ripper a lot before I decided on a final quilting design. It turned out well, I think.
 I used a small wavy line and followed the flow of the quilt design. I used straight line quilting on the V-design on each side. 
My only regret with this quilt is that it is lap sized. Had I known how pretty it would turn out, I would have made it a bed size quilt. Oh, well, a reason to make another, right? Sharon and I are planning on making another bargello by the same designer. Becky Botello's patterns are so easy to follow and making a bargello with a friend makes it fun and easy. Got these patterns from Craftsy.

The funny thing is that Sharon and I had picked the same colorway without realizing it. We both chose grays and pinks. Here are the fabrics for mine. This will be a queen size quilt.
Now, for my slow Sunday stitching. Last week I started the basket applique quilt. I ran into a problem. The applique is easy, but the placement of the basket on a small block was not so easy. I got the handle kinda wonky, too. See?
There was no placement guide with this pattern. I decided I would have to make one if I ever wanted to get them right. After all, there are 291 of these small blocks to applique. Here is my placement guide. I mounted it on card stock so that it would last a long time.
Hopefully, this will take care of the wonkiness. (Is that a word?) Hop on over to Kathy's Quilts to see what others are slow stitching today.


Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

I have never done a bargello! I have heard it's all about organization. Great job on the machine quilting! Those little baskets are so appealing, what a great way to use some favorite fabrics.

Rebecca in AK said...

Your Spiral Burst quilt is absolutely stunning! Such wonderful colors. It looks like a difficult pattern. I love your fabric choices for your next one. I will be watching your progress, I have always thought a pattern like this could represent the Northern Lights. One basket down and only 290 to go!

Debbie said...

GORGEOUS, Donna!!! Blues/violets have always been favorites of mine. I love the pinks/grays, too...keep on quilting on!

Chris said...

I love the little baskets. Prepping a whole bunch to have ready for take along stitching is what I love to do. Especially, when the prep work is simple. That is how I have progressed so far on my Beyond the Cherry Trees blocks. Keeping it simple and relaxed.

Shari said...

Wonkiness is a word that all quilters know. Love the bargello and at the colors you selected for both quilts.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Intentional wonkiness is one thing ... but unintentional is quite another. Good for you to create yourself a placement guide ... it'll be well worth it when that quilt is done - it'll be absolutely gorgeous! And I can't wait to see it.

Quilter Kathy said...

Gorgeous bargello... congrats on being brave enough to quilt it yourself!
Great idea to make a placement template... you are so creative!
Thanks for linking up and sharing your success and ideas!

audrey said...

Love that you're doing the basket quilt! It's a really rewarding quilt.:) I have to say that many of my baskets were wonky! I think after they all get put together, it doesn't seem to show as much as you'd think. Best of luck!

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