Monday, August 10, 2015

Stars in My Eyes

Remember the scrappy star quilt by Jennie Doan that I liked? I have been working on cutting and sewing the star points. First I cut my own 10" squares from different prints and 10" squares from white Kona fabric. I also cut the 4 ½" white squares with my Accuquilt Go. It requires 80 of the smaller squares. My Go made quick work of that. 

After I sewed each print square with a white 10" square, I had to cut them. I had cut almost all the squares before I realized I could see my stitches better from the print side than the white side.

Of course, I could really see it well on the one below. Can you tell why?  Yep, that is sewn wrong side up. At least I only did it on one. Wish I had noticed before I cut it. Oh, well.

Here is my stack of star points...all 20 sets.

Now, for the process I do not like. I need to open and press each piece and then square to 4 ½". Time consuming, but does make for a more perfect HST. 

While I sewed the 10" squares, I listened to an audiobook downloaded from my local public library. Sure made the time go quickly. Now, what is it about putting earphones in that makes husbands suddenly have to tell you something? Does this happen to you?


Rebecca in AK said...

I watched Jennie's video and really like the quilt. I have been keeping my eye out for a Layer Cake I liked on sale. I haven't seen one yet. I may do like you and cut my own 10" squares, a very good idea. I wish our library system offered downloadable book.

Terry in California said...

I probably would have a few of the green ones. I can't wait to see the stars!8

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Oh my, my husband does that ALL. THE. TIME!!! Alas, our library has an extremely limited selection of audiobooks, and anything that sounds remotely interesting is of course already checked out. So I've been buying a few here and there. It's the only way I'd be able to read, as I just can't put my stitching down to read a "real" book. I can't wait to see your stars come together.

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

I have used that method and it works quite well. A lot of trimming but like you say helps with accuracy. My husband does the same thing! Sometimes I just act like I can't hear him LOL

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