Sunday, November 29, 2015

Do small things with great love.

Last week I showed a small embroidery that I will put in the center of a dresden block and fashion into a pillow. The pillow will be a gift for my daughter.I have gotten a little of the stitching done. Plan to do some more slow stitching on it today. 
My daughter lives up to the essence of the saying. She has donated her time and love to many causes over the years. She has volunteered to assist veterans and active service men and women for quite a few years through various organizations. She and her children have sorted canned goods at a food bank. They have assisted in cleaning up a beach. 

Her newest contributions are to Teeny Tears and Angel Outfitters. They make tiny clothing for preemies who do not survive. Please read about their missions at the above links.

My daughter is an avid crocheter. Sewing has not really been her thing. But, look at these tiny diapers she sewed this week! Beautiful top-stitching on these. I'm a proud Mama.
Last week-end she made these little knit hats for the preemies.They are made from medical stockinette and ribbons, then embellished. There are 48 sets of 2.
She also spent her Black Friday making these tiny buntings.
And, yes, she also cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 2 of her children and her 6 grandchildren. Plus, she works full time. I am so proud of the woman she has become. 
And, as you can see, she is beautiful on the outside, too. Love you, Dana.

I am linking to Kathy's Quilts Slow Sunday Stitching.

May all your ups and downs today be with needle and thread.


Sherrie said...

Beautiful embroidery. Your daughter is awesome.
Have a great day!

Teresa in Music City said...

Well I can certainly see that you have many reasons to be proud of that girl!!! And yes, she is very lovely - she looks so much like you and apparently has your heart as well :-)

Debra said...

Your embroidery could not be more appropriate for your daughter... she is amazing. What an inspiration!

ES said...

wow! your daughter is an inspiration xxx

VivJM said...

Your daughter sounds like an amazing and wonderful person. She has made some beautiful things there - those tiny diapers are especially great! Your embroidery will certainly be a fitting tribute and gift for her.

Ellen said...

Wow...your daughter is amazing!

Deanna W said...

You are one proud momma and all the things your daughter does are amazing!!

Rebecca in AK said...

Dana is an amazing woman! You have every right to be very proud of her. I am pretty sure she got her kind and generous heart from her Mama!

Dana Hess said...

Thank you so much mom!! You totally made me cry. The pillow is so beautiful. I'm very blessed in life and though I can't do much - I do what I can. I love you mom!!

Thank you to everyone for your very sweet compliments.

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