Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Gardening in November

At this time of the year it can be difficult to find something to blog about. It's the time of homemade gifts and secrets. Today I am working on some  presents that I cannot post here.

So, I will show you some things I have purchased recently. At the guild retreat I bought this cute little  platform  that has a spindle for a spool of thread and space to glue your needle threader onto. A member's husband makes them. Very handy.
Last Thursday we went to an estate sale for a former quilter who has gone into assisted living. We were the first to arrive, but did not see a lot I wanted. I did buy 3 yds. of solid flannels. The purchase I am most excited about was some Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks in two sizes. I got 44 blocks that are 3/4" hexagons including an outer round of muslin, plus 13 more without the muslin round. Nine of the complete ones were set together with a green fabric that I will never be able to match. I am sure I can replace them with a similar green fabric.
3/4 inch hexies
I am unsure, but I believe the prints are 1930's reproductions. But, I have never seen these prints before. I also got 72 of the 1" hexie blocks, complete with the muslin round. I paid $10 for the entire lot Flower Garden blocks.
1 inch hexies
These blocks are hand-pieced. They were not English paper pieced. The quilter did excellent stitching on them. Here is the back of one of the blocks.
I am looking forward to making these into a quilt sometime in the future.

May all your ups and downs today be with needle and thread.


Teresa in Music City said...

Wow what a treasure you found! Can't wait to see them in person - I'm sure you'll bring them to guild meeting?

Janina Lynet Rolin said...

wow!! I like this, but I dont have a patience to make these!! are beautiful your hexagons

Rebecca in AK said...

What a fantastic find at the sale! Wonderful hand stitching. All for $10! Wow!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Wow, what a bargain! I certainly hope you'll share your progress on those GFG blocks.

Debbie said...

You certainly had good luck finding those flowers. They're beautiful. you may be able to get quite close in color to that green if you check a Bella Solids or similar color card against it. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with these gorgeous flowers!

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