Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Product Review__Fabri-Solvy

Last week I mentioned using Sulky's Fabri-Solvy. Well, I finished my first embroidered block on my Stitchin' Wisdom quilt. I washed the block and most of the Solvy dissolved. In the small enclosed areas (such as inside the scissor handles) some of the product stayed. I think it will come out with little effort once the quilt is finished and washed. I had no trouble with my needle and the perle cotton getting sticky. It was very easy to embroider through the fabric and the Solvy.

The Fabri-Solvy comes in 8½ X 11" sheets. What I found at JoAnn's was the roll. If you use the roll, you need to cut your pieces of Solvy to size and make sure they are flat before putting in the printer. The roll is 8½" wide. I have a couple pieces being weighted down now for the next blocks.

Isn't the sewing bird cute? This is a fun project to work on. I had never embroidered with perle cotton before, though I have quilted with it. I have used 6-strand embroidery thread before and Cosmo, but really enjoyed using the perle. The color is a med-dark, slightly rosy, red. Love it!

What are you slow stitching today? Join others at Kathy's Quilts for some slow Sunday stitching.

May all your ups and downs in life be with needle and thread.


Ivani said...

Yeah Donna, this bird is so cute and you did a great stitching with the cotton perle. I will be looking forward to see the next blocks.
Happy Stitching! Happy New Year!

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

Yay! Perle cotton is the best for embroidering.

Design Originals by KC said...

I am doing some piecing to get back to slow stitching today... but I love your redwork you have done and had a look at the kit you got... looks like it is a blast.. thanks for sharing your product review too! Kathi

CathieJ said...

What an adorable pattern. I will keep that product in mind whenever I embroider again.

Denise :) said...

What a sweet and fun block! Redwork is a favorite of mine. Good to know about the fabri-solvy! :)

Deb said...

This block turned out so pretty, your stitching is lovely I look forward to your next block. I think I'll give the fabri solvy a try, I have a poduct Stick and Wash away I haven't tried yet but will. I thought it would be great for pieces with lots of detail I don't want to trace.

Debbie said...

That is so cute, Donna! I don't embroider much any more, but if that changes I'll have to remember the fabri-solvy stuff. Thanks for the review.

Happy New Year to you & yours...may it be filled with good health, prosperity & lots of creativity!

Rebecca in AK said...

Your Sewing Bird is so cute! Great job on the embroidery. May I ask the purpose of the Fabri-Solvy? I have never heard of it.

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