Monday, March 30, 2015

Here again so soon?

Yesterday I posted about the quilt I hoped to finish. I did get it finished last night. Yay! I even got it washed and dried for that wonderful crinkly look I love.

This quilt was made with the Mary Engelbreit fat quarters (23 of them) that my sister bought for me at a yard sale. This collection was called "Mottos". Mary's fabrics and designs are so whimsical! They were just too cute to cut into small pieces, so I used a pattern called the "Fat Quarter Slide." My fabrics were of 8 different designs. In the future I would like to make it using 20 fat quarters. I would get a lot more variety.

Here is the finished quilt. What a glorious, sunny day to take an outdoor photo...first this year!
It is difficult to distinguish the different designs from so faraway, so I took a few close-ups, too. 

I loved that sweet scotty dog print in the collection. Much to my surprise I was able to find that print for the backing and the black checked fabric for the binding at Hancock's. 

My sister's husband asked if I used all the fabric? Yep, there are more quilts and projects to show. Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

To Blog or Not to Blog...

When I posted that I was putting my blog on hold, I had no idea that it would be 4 months before I got back to it. I admit, I could not decide whether I wanted to blog again or not. Sometimes it feels like a job. But, that is because of my own expectations. Why do we put such pressure on ourselves? Many of us do that with a lot of things. There is nothing wrong with setting high expectations for long as we don't take away the joy. I have to keep reminding myself.

I have gotten several projects finished or near-finished this year. I'll find myself working on something and really want to share with my friends in Blogland. Several people have asked me what happened to my blog. I guess I was not the only one reading it after all. 

Today I am determined to finish a quilt I made to go under my bedspread. Nothing like sleeping under a quilt. We have been sleeping under a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt that my mother made. It is starting to fall apart, though. The backing was a very cheap muslin. Another good reason to use quality materials in your quilts. But, I digress.

Remember those fat quarters that my sister Karen bought me at a yard sale? I posted about them here. I have used almost all those fabrics. I will be sharing those projects over the next week or so. Meantime, today I will be doing some fast-ripping, some machine stitching, and some slow stitching on a binding. I used a bisque color thread for the quilting. It was perfect! Looked off white on the front and blended well with the yellow background. And, then, I got to the border. It stuck out like a sore thumb on that black border. See? That's the fast-ripping part.

I plan to quilt the borders with red thread. I also notice that my fabric had some how slipped on the edge of one side of the quilt. I had to take the binding loose and will re-do that side. That will be the machine stitching and then, slow stitching. I will share the finished quilt later. Happy quilting!