Sunday, June 28, 2015

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Well, vacation travels are over. Hanging out with my granddaughters are unique experiences, to say the least. GD #1 is 21 years old and goes to University of TN-Chattanooga. One night we went to a restaurant which overlooks the river and the river walk. We stayed late and saw fireworks over the river. Next day she took us to a little out-of-the-way place called Aretha Frankinstein's. It served breakfast and beer. It was essentially a bar and about 5 tables. The breakfast was delicious! The decor was very eclectic. On one side of the slanted ceiling was framed cereal box fronts. Many of those cereals are no longer available. I loved the unique lighting over the bar. The skateboard wheels are light bulbs.

After that trip, I had 2 days to get things together for my trip to see family in San Diego, CA. On the day before the trip I decided I needed to sew up a couple of things. It turned out that I was at the sewing machine all day. I had a couple of pre-quilted panels left over from a quilt I made last year and decided to use part of one to make myself a small purse. Turned out pretty cute.( No photo.)

I had already made a couple of things for my daughter's kitchen and I decided to make more. I had fabric left over from a wall hanging I made her a few years ago. She had decided to put it on the kitchen wall. You can see it here. I made a pot holder, a double pot holder, a skillet handle pot holder and 2 tea towels. The tea towel on the right has prairie points like the one on the left. I didn't use enough contrast. I found the pattern here.

 My daughter had recently bought 2 of those pitchers. Isn't it amazing how much they look like the fabric?

I could not get the binding sewn on the skillet handle pot holder on the sewing machine, so I stitched it by hand. The opening was too small for the machine.

On my first afternoon in San Diego, my GD#2 drove a couple hours to see me. She is 20 years old and attends California State University-Long Beach. She works at Disneyland, so drove to work early the next a.m. The next day, she drove back to SD again to spend more time with me. Her sister (GD #3) is 16 years old and will be a high school senior in the Fall. So, my first evening there, my daughter, GD#2 and #3 and I went out for sushi. OMG!!! Did we have sushi! 
My daughter and GD #3.
Now that is what I call a boatload of food! We ate sushi, octopus, and other delicacies. We were not fond of the sea urchin. The texture is not pleasant and has a horrible after-taste. GD #3 captured her sister's response to the sea urchin on video. That was sooo funny. I have never laughed so much.

On Saturday my GS #1 brought the great-grands for a visit. I got to meet my youngest great-granddaughter. She is a year old and her sister is 2. We took them and 3 of their 4 half siblings swimming. Aren't they cute? 

I had so much fun! Since I have been going to San Diego for 21 year for visits, I did not want to do more touristy stuff. I wanted to just hang out with family. Best vacation ever!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tripping Along

I have two trips coming up soon. On Saturday morning I will be driving to Chattanooga to see granddaughter #1. Her Dad (my son) will be going with me. She goes to college there and wants us to see her new apartment. We will just stay one night.

Next Wednesday I will be boarding a plane to San Diego to see my daughter, granddaughters #2 and #3. I will also see grandson #1 and his family, which includes a great-granddaughter I have never seen. I am so excited. Guess I will have to find some time this year to go to Chicago to see grandson #2. 

Last night I decided to make a large bag to carry on the plane. It will also be perfect for the over-nighter this week end. I had never worked with pre-quilted fabric before. I looked through the internet to find some ideas on working with it. I had purchased the fabric over a year ago with a Joann's coupon. Had to dig it out of a bin in my closet last night. This is double-sided fabric, which made it nice to work with. I searched my stash and found a fabric that I thought worked well for the binding. Here is the end result.

The bag is 16" tall and 18" wide. The pockets are the reversed fabric. I really like it. Not my greatest sewing if you see it close up, but good enough for me. I reallylike the bias printed fabric I used for the binding.
Now what else can I make for trips?

Monday, June 8, 2015

Pressing Situation

Yes, I am one of those quilters who hates to press. I know. I know. When making the Sister's Choice blocks, I pressed the 9 patch centers as I went along. When I began to add the star points, I did not press. I figured I could just do that all at once. Now, 72 blocks later, I think I have learned my lesson. It is taking me forever to get them pressed. If I had pressed them as I sewed I would have already had the top put together.
Meantime, Sharon and I have been getting together about once a week to work on our bargello quilts. We are making Delightful Peaks bargellos in queen size. 
The pattern is by Becky Botello. Although her patterns are very easy to follow, 2 heads are definitely better than one when it comes to putting the actual rows together. Below is one of 7 panels for my quilt. We are cutting across to make the rows.
I really don't have a design wall. It is more like a "design bed". I am linking up to the Patchwork Times design wall Monday. 

Have a great day!