Sunday, January 31, 2016

Beautiful January Days!

Last week we had a big (for us) snow in Nashville and very cold temps. Yesterday was sunny, breezy, and temp in the mid-60's. By the middle of this week it will be cold again. What's the weather like where you are?

Sharon and I took full advantage of the beautiful day and drove 70+ miles to a quilt shop in Kentucky called Whittle's. It is a no frills shop in the middle of nowhere. They have name brand fabrics at a fraction of what we would usually pay...Moda for $5 a yard. As I walked in the door, there was another member of my guild. Later, I found that another member had come in the afternoon. It is very popular with my group.

I bought some fabric for my Garden Charm quilt. This is the Craftsy 2016 BOM. Look how well these go with the border fabric I had bought. The 3rd from the bottom is actually a green, but looks kind of tan in the photo. I will see if I can pull a couple of fabrics from my stash, too.

 I needed a background fabric. I didn't have anything I wanted to use in the stash. Lynette Jensen was using a pale cream print, but my border fabric has white and no cream or beige. Last week I was reading Carla's blog at A Few of My Favorite Things. She mentioned using a fabric with honey bees as a background. So, I  stole borrowed was inspired by her idea. I found a beautiful fabric online and ordered it. Isn't  this just perfect? It has a bright white background and tiny turquoise, yellow and black honey bees buzzing around. Thanks, Carla!
I am so excited to get my fabrics for this quilt and get going on the January block. It is still January for a few hours. LOL   Right??? Later I will continue on these little needle turn baskets for some Slow Sunday Stitching.
I miss-cut the reverse applique square in the middle. But, I may leave it. Who will notice it among the 290 other baskets in this quilt?  Actually, the whole basket is pretty wonky. Guess I was tired.

Have a fantastic Sunday!

May all your ups and downs today be with needle and thread.


Karen in Breezy Point said...

I made the basket quilt several years ago and stitching those little baskets got to be such a habit that I kind of went through withdrawal when they were finished! I'm sure any imperfections will disappear once they are all together--have fun!

Denise :) said...

A quilter's road trip -- what fun! A group of us regularly head 50+ miles to a great shop in the next state over. Your 'bees' print is darling! :)

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Oh I am so glad I inspired you to look for some bee fabric! What's not to love! Glad to see you are still making those adorable little baskets, and yes no one will notice!

Debra said...

Great fabrics! You made some great purchases - sounds like the perfect way to spend a day shopping. Love your little basket..these are so much fun - I almost miss working on them! The bee fabric... is, well.. the bees knees!!!

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

You will probably get the storm we have today in a couple of days. We have already gotten close to five inches with no sign of it letting up. I am hoping they will call a snow day for tomorrow! :0)

Cathy said...

I've ordered from Whittle's online and agree they have great prices. Love the fabrics you chose and the honeybee background. Those baskets are the cutest. I've been tempted once or twice by them but haven't taken the plunge.

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