Sunday, July 31, 2016

Almost August Already?

I cannot believe that tomorrow is August already. Where does time time go... just flies by. Kids in Middle TN are going back to school this week. But, I have been busy and I have gotten a lot done in my sewing room.

This past week I was diligently sewing on a project for Sharon. She knew I was making something for her, but she did not know what. I did tell her that I was making hers first and then mine. Wanted to use hers as a learning tool. Sounds bad, but I already had fabric I wanted to use for hers. Still gathering fabrics for one for my daughter. Still haven't decided on fabric for mine. This fabric is perfect for Sharon. These are her colors and she is an avid gardner.
The project was a Bionic Gear Bag. Have you seen these? Go here and watch the video of what all it holds and how to use it. I bought the pattern on Craftsy. It's pricey, but I am making 2 more, so that brings the price per project down. It is a very labor-intensive project, but well worth it.

Below the bag in the open view. There are 4-9" zippers, a 22" zipper for making the handles. Then, I also made the little zippered dumpling bag. I said, "Sharon, don't ever say I don't care about you. I don't put 6 zippers into one project for someone I don't love." LOL
I gave it to her yesterday afternoon and she loved it!

This afternoon I plan to slow waaay down. A couple years ago I bought a stamped cross-stitch quilt top from Debbie's etsy shop at Kitten Creates. It had been her mother's. I blogged about it here.

I started working on it before my own mother passed away. It was the project I had taken with me when she died, so I have not really wanted to work on it. But, after the Bionic Gear bag, I need a project that is little more "mindless" to work on. So, this evening I will be slow stitching and have earbuds in my ears while I listen to a good book on my iPod.

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